Backless Restaurant Bar Stools

Our backless bar stools offer something for everyone, whether the look you are going for is classic, retro, modern or industrial. We have the style you are looking for to match every venue. You will also find plenty of frame finishes and upholstery options to give you the look that’s right for you. We know that quality is important and our bar stools are made to be tough and functional. Our backless bar stools are built and designed for heavy commercial use that will serve you for many years. [+] read more...

Why Backless

Sitting high on a backless restaurant bar stool feels fun and casual. Just like the swivel version, you can slide in and out without maneuvering the entire stool. Most backless bar stools are associated with diners, night clubs and lounges. Whatever the reason may be, when shopping for commercial backless bar stools, you want to consider comfort, style and function without overspending. Fortunately, our selection of backless bar stools is available in a wide range of styles and configurations so you are certain to find the right piece for your bar at a price you can afford. The right backless bar stool makes your bar look even better by providing a comfortable spot for your guests to sit and talk and also adding style to your room. You just need to know what to look for and with our variety, it shouldn’t be difficult at all.

Key Considerations to Make

While there is a lot to think about when buying backless bar stools, it ultimately comes down to your personal preference of style. But functionality should also be accounted for.

  • Use - where will they be used and how often? Will guests be sitting in these bar stools all the time over a cup of coffee at your cafe? Or will they be used at your bar during parties and entertainment events? The more often the seats are used, the more crucial durability and comfort become. If you want to use bar stools at occasional venues, backless bar stools are your best bet.
  • Style - your venue decor sets the style for the bar stools you choose. You can easily find sets of our backless bar stools that will compliment whatever look you want to achieve whether it’s contemporary, traditional, industrial, rustic, casual or modern. Backless bar stools have a more casual look to them which may be a better fit for your interior and motif.
  • Frame - frames for our backless bar stools are available in wood and metal. The choice of style, color and frame are just a matter of personal preference. As a general rule, our chrome backless stools look more streamlined and match with a retro and modern style interior. Brass, copper, bronze or black metal finishes better suit rustic or traditional styles. Wooden backless bar stools compliment contemporary and retro designs.
  • Seat Upholstery - Comfort and style are key factors to. Though many of our bar stools include customization options for seat type, material and color, some come with a wooden or padded seat by default. Our wooden seats are made of hardwood that lends warmth but you can request for an upholstered seat. Backless bar stools with upholstered seats with high density foam padding are more comfortable for extended sitting. Upholstery options normally include fabric or vinyl. They also add a cozy touch of pattern, texture and color to your room.

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