Red Metal Restaurant Bar Stools

With a sturdy and metal design, our red metal bar stools will provide an industrial yet romantic look to your decor. Our metal bar stools are made with a pressed and welded steel construction and given a brilliant powder-coat glossy red finish that instantly warms up your dining room. With classic and unique designs, we create bar stools for every type of establishment. These counter height restaurant bar stools are sure to please your patrons combining functionality with comfort. Spruce up any space while adding restaurant seating with our bar stools and matching chairs. Choose from a variety of frame finishes and upholstery options for customization. [+] read more...

Our metal bar stools are also a great value for the money. No matter what style you choose, we have bar stools that will fit in with your budget. Our bar stools also come in a wide range of frame finishes and upholstery options, giving you the freedom to customize their appearance to match your décor. To give your venue a complete look, most of our bar stools also come in matching chairs. [-] hide

Metal Bar Stools

Minimal Price: $37.50