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Country Style Wood Booth

Product highlights
Manufactured, assembled and finished in the USA utilizing American made materials
Customize the booth to fit your needs – height, length, and shape
Standard shapes include single, double, wall bench, L-shape, ½ Circle, ¾ Circle
Optional fully or semi padded back or beadboard back
Padded seat and back comes in many vinyl and fabric options
Weight 82 lbs
Usage Indoor
Warranty 1-Year
Back Material Padded, Semi Padded with Wood
Booth Base Type Padded Base
Seat Material Padded Vinyl
Country of Manufacture USA
Country Style Wood Booth

We strive to provide our customers with high quality booth seating using the finest American materials. This Country style wood restaurant booth delivers strength and comfortable seating which is an important business aspect in the food service and hospitality industry. We can design this restaurant booth to fit your requirements by customizing the length, height and shape.

Select from the frame finish, color, wood or any upholstery you like for the back and seat. Popular shapes range from Single, Deuce-Single, Double, Deuce-Double, L Shape, ½ Circle , ¾ Circle to Wall Bench.

You can use your own material as well. There are also additional options to select from such as head roll, welt cord, crumb strip and wood / laminate caps. Restaurant booths can be custom made in any shape or size and out of any material.

Made in the USA
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