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Sizzling Restaurant Summer Promotion Ideas and Trends You Need to Try

Competition in the restaurant business is fierce. The summer season tends to draw a lot of tourists, increase foot traffic and hosts outdoor events which can present a huge business advantage to some restaurants. For other restaurants, however, summer time is their slowest season where sales struggle and falter. Unless you are scooping ice cream or selling milkshakes, you may not be looking forward to summer. But if you think strategically, a slow summer season doesn’t always translate into lower revenue. There are restaurant summer promotion ideas that can help you make the most of your business during the summer season.

Millennial Dining Habits Restaurateurs Should Know About

Millenials as we know, have a strong penchant for experience be it dating over settling down, hopping from jobs over climbing the corporate ladder, traveling and possibly even prefer obscure eateries to casual dining. The latest poll found that millennials are shaping the trends of the restaurant brand landscape into what they want them to be more than the previous generation has. Restaurant companies are taking careful notes to this phenomenon and therefore are doing everything they can to attract and build a younger clientele base.

Restaurant Technology Trends to Expect in 2018

The food and hospitality industry is forever evolving – always in search of innovative strategies to further their business endeavors. As a major player in the economy, restaurants owe their steady growth to the people’s sweat, blood and tears. As a result, it would seem appropriate for owners to explore current restaurant technology trends, especially for reinvesting funds to increase revenue and enhance customer satisfaction. As full and quick service restaurant alike continue to compete for market share, owners are increasingly embracing technology trends in the restaurant industry as a vehicle for delivering fast, quality service and great choices.

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Chinese Restaurant Decor & Design Ideas You Need to Try

China is enriched with history and culture that many of us find intriguing. Throughout all ages and even to this very day, Chinese décor is connected to its culture which is harmonized by its nature. China has one of the oldest cultures and civilizations in the world. The country dominates a large geographical region in eastern Asia. While traditions and customs vary between provinces, cities, and towns, many residential and commercial buildings are designed Chinese style which has caught the eye of restaurant designers in America. As more people are taking an interest in Chinese culture and traditions, the more mainstream Chinese restaurant décor and design is becoming a standard in the food industry.

Pizzeria Design Ideas and Décor Concepts That Compliment Your Food and Service

Pizza is a classic favorite among most people. Walk into any pizza shop and you will be led by the nose of the aroma of fresh dough, sauce, and cheese that wafts through the entire restaurant. Pizzerias have an advantage of giving a good first impression among guests with a creative pizza restaurant design, aromatic smell of pizza. But when that subsides, people need to know what your pizza shop offers in terms of service, ambiance, and of course, food.

What You Need to Consider When Choosing Restaurant Bar Stools

Bar stools are a practical seating addition to any bar or restaurant décor. People sometimes prefer bar stools to chairs and booths when it comes to seating, especially when they want to grab the bartender’s attention. They are perfect for sitting around a bar counter, outfitting a lounge, or pairing with a very tall (bar height) table. But choosing the right bar stool height for your table or counter space is not always as easy as it seems. If the dimensions of the bar stools are not proportioned with the tables, you will create a very uncomfortable seating experience for your customers. Slouching over or struggling to reach for their food/drinks is the last thing they would expect to do at your venue and you can avoid this predicament if you know what bar stool to look for.

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