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Lower Restaurant Costs without Compromising on Service and Quality

Getting your restaurant expenses under control will not only show you how to save money as a restaurant owner but will help you make your marginal operations more profitable. According to the Restaurant Resource Group the restaurant industry has some of the smallest profit margins of any business with only 4 to 7 percent. Food and labor costs play a role in any restaurant’s success and failure. Developing cost cutting techniques for restaurants are some of the big responsibilities that an owner has. Restaurant owners who manage their expenses can prevent themselves from overspending on staff, supplies and items without compromising on the quality of service and food.

Best Eco-Friendly Practices for Reducing Plastic Pollution at Restaurants

Plastic is literally found in most things these days. Many food and hygiene products are packaged in it. Cars, phones, water bottles, milk cartons and computers are made from plastic. It even comes in the form of gum. Over the past decade, more disposable plastic products have been manufactured by consumer demand. Unfortunately, most plastic items are specifically designed not to break down and therefore difficult to recycle, most of which end up in landfills, beaches, rivers and oceans – contributing to the devastating problem of plastic pollution which many industries are responsible for, including restaurants.

Increase Your Revenue with the Right Restaurant Table Configurations

There are many factors that can have an impact on restaurant sales. While many restaurateurs invest thousands upon thousands of dollars on advertisement and promotions, there are more affordable alternatives. Table configurations can be the driving force that potentially increases revenue depending on which structure you are using. Studies show and confirm that positioning the right sized restaurant tables with other tables to accommodate large parties can indeed yield additional profits at virtually no cost.

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The Restaurant Staff You Need to Hire

Restaurants open many doors of business opportunities, especially to young enthusiastic restaurateurs who are looking for a starting point in their careers. The restaurant industry can potentially be a major economic driver, especially in areas of tourism and holidays. Restaurants vary in sophistication and size and therefore their staffing requirements may vary. All restaurants, however, have similar operational needs to meet and roles for restaurant employees to fill that require a lot of skill, experience in many cases, and resilience.

Low Budget Marketing Ideas for Your Restaurant

Competition in the food service industry is fierce and even more so in this economy. Much like in most businesses, restaurants are not very forgiving towards failure. As a small business/restaurant start-up owner, you have dreams and ambitions for success but may currently lack the finances for expensive advertisement, unlike your competitors who have been operational a lot longer. To compete on the same level but on a lower budget, you will have to market smarter which requires extensive research on low budget marketing costs for small businesses along with a small restaurant business plan.

How to Design Your Fast-Food Restaurant

When people enter a fast food restaurant, they normally focus on ordering the fast food to stay or to go. They often associate fast food restaurants with venues that serve food to them almost immediately, especially to those on the go. Unfortunately, fast food restaurants have a bad rap for promoting an instant gratification culture without providing attention to the quality of the food and to the fast food restaurant design, in some cases. The fact of the matter is that they are here to provide fast and efficient services. But the fast food restaurant layout and design seems to be an afterthought to most people. Unbeknownst to many of them, a lot of thought and planning goes into the process of a fast food store design.

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