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Trending Retro Diner Decor Ideas

A local diner was once a popular spot in the 1950’s where teenagers went out to eat burgers, sip on soda pops, dance by the jukebox and show off their hot rods. While gleaming and cold from the inside out, the décor was very bold and energetic. Retro diners are theatrical, bright, whimsical, and nostalgic. Many vintage design ideas are making a comeback and if you are looking to give your diner a blast from the past, incorporate colors, design elements and restaurant furniture that embrace a sense of fun that is reminiscent of the 1950’s.

A Comprehensive Guide to Designing your Bakery

Whether you are starting your very own bakery or remodeling your bakery design, a lot of factors will be dependent on the bakery floor plan you choose. Your bakery’s budget, products, equipment, décor, and concept are all key components to determining a small bakery layout floor plan. A bakery floor plan is also essential for creating a bakery business plan as developing one enables potential investors to fully envision your concept and understand your brand. Color themes, decorative features, materials and furniture style can have a major impact on customer experience.

The Restaurant Staff You Need to Hire

Restaurants open many doors of business opportunities, especially to young enthusiastic restaurateurs who are looking for a starting point in their careers. The restaurant industry can potentially be a major economic driver, especially in areas of tourism and holidays. Restaurants vary in sophistication and size and therefore their staffing requirements may vary. All restaurants, however, have similar operational needs to meet and roles for restaurant employees to fill that require a lot of skill, experience in many cases, and resilience.

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