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Increase Your Revenue with the Right Restaurant Table Configurations

There are many factors that can have an impact on restaurant sales. While many restaurateurs invest thousands upon thousands of dollars on advertisement and promotions, there are more affordable alternatives. Table configurations can be the driving force that potentially increases revenue depending on which structure you are using. Studies show and confirm that positioning the right sized restaurant tables with other tables to accommodate large parties can indeed yield additional profits at virtually no cost.

Why Diners are Choosing Family-Owned Restaurants over Corporate Chains

Depending on whether you are seriously contemplating about starting your independent restaurant or investing in a franchise, risks and rewards can vary. Start-up responsibilities, creativity, monetary resources, and experience are serious considerations before making what is one of the most important business decisions. Thoroughly studying the market, knowing the type of food services, and learning about people’s dining preferences can and should heavily weigh in your decisions which can ultimately determine the best path of success for you.

Opening a New Restaurant: Should You Buy or Lease Restaurant Equipment?

As you draw a business plan for your restaurant, you may be faced with a lot of questions that may affect the success of your operations. Prior to announcing the ground opening of your restaurant, you will have many decisions to make; leasing vs buying restaurant equipment is one of them. Although you may feel that you should own your restaurant equipment, furniture, and appliances, leasing from them may be your only option for the time being.

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How to Design Your Fast-Food Restaurant

When people enter a fast food restaurant, they normally focus on ordering the fast food to stay or to go. They often associate fast food restaurants with venues that serve food to them almost immediately, especially to those on the go. Unfortunately, fast food restaurants have a bad rap for promoting an instant gratification culture without providing attention to the quality of the food and to the fast food restaurant design, in some cases. The fact of the matter is that they are here to provide fast and efficient services. But the fast food restaurant layout and design seems to be an afterthought to most people. Unbeknownst to many of them, a lot of thought and planning goes into the process of a fast food store design.

Chinese Restaurant Decor & Design Ideas You Need to Try

China is enriched with history and culture that many of us find intriguing. Throughout all ages and even to this very day, Chinese décor is connected to its culture which is harmonized by its nature. China has one of the oldest cultures and civilizations in the world. The country dominates a large geographical region in eastern Asia. While traditions and customs vary between provinces, cities, and towns, many residential and commercial buildings are designed Chinese style which has caught the eye of restaurant designers in America. As more people are taking an interest in Chinese culture and traditions, the more mainstream Chinese restaurant décor and design is becoming a standard in the food industry.

Pizzeria Design Ideas and Décor Concepts That Compliment Your Food and Service

Pizza is a classic favorite among most people. Walk into any pizza shop and you will be led by the nose of the aroma of fresh dough, sauce, and cheese that wafts through the entire restaurant. Pizzerias have an advantage of giving a good first impression among guests with a creative pizza restaurant design, aromatic smell of pizza. But when that subsides, people need to know what your pizza shop offers in terms of service, ambiance, and of course, food.

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