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A Guide to Restaurant Chairs

Restaurant Chairs

Your restaurant seating might be made up of chairs, booths, bar stools or patio seating but whatever you choose will play a vital role in the overall design of your restaurant. When shopping online for commercial furniture you should take careful stock of a few factors so you get the most for your money. Your choice can ultimately and affirmatively affect your restaurant sales.

Commercial Grade Chairs

Commercial grade chairs are quite different than the chairs used in a home seting. They must meet strict industry standards to ensure they can withstand the heavy traffic common in the food service industry. Commercial grade furniture undergoes extensive testing that other furniture sold to for domestic use does not. Restaurant chairs also must meet specific safety requirements to ensure they do not break or injure patrons. They also last much longer and often come with a longer warranty.

commercial grade wood chairs

Commercial Grade Wood Chairs

Our US made wood chairs are certified by BIFMA, the leading authority for commercial furniture and are strength tested. These chairs are built with superior mortise and tenon style construction and come with solid wood seats and a support bar for extra strength and stability. These chairs have stylish back designs and a solid wood frame that comes in a variety of finishes.
commercial grade metal chairs

Metal Restaurant Chairs

Our metal chairs come with a sturdy metal frame that is welded and the joints for extra strength. These chairs are popular for their modern, fashionable looks and feature an extra bar for support.
commercial grade patio chairs

Aluminum Restaurant Patio Chairs

Our commercial grade patio chairs can stand up to weather and UV exposure. They are built to withstand usage that is rougher than usual. Your business needs furniture that can stand up to all of this wear and tear. Thankfully, commercial grade chairs are built to resist scratches, stains, bangs and more.

Restaurant Chairs Materials

Chairs are more than a way for your guests to sit and enjoy a meal. They can also make a fashion statement and influence the interior design of your restaurant or blend in with it. There are different factors you should consider when deciding on what type of material your chair should be made of. We offer comfortable restaurant chairs in 4 categories:

metal restaurant chairs

Metal Restaurant Chairs

Metal chairs are known for their strength and durability. Our metal chairs for restaurants are made to meet the highest industry standards to ensure they last for many years. They come in a combination of metal frames and wood seats or backs or padded back or seats or with a metal back and seat. The frame can come in a black sandtex finish or be painted in any color. Our metal chairs are also available in many shapes and sizes making them popular with modern and industrial themed restaurants.

Metal chairs are also very safe for several reasons. The frames of our metal chairs are very strong, so you don’t have to worry about them buckling under pressure. They are also fire resistant and are generally covered with fire retardant coating. The metal frames are also impervious to water and insect infestations.
wood restaurant chairs

Wood Restaurant Chairs

Wood chairs are popular for their natural warmth and beauty which makes them an excellent choice for those that are looking for seating that will give their establishment an upscale look. Wood is not affected by temperature changes and provides comfortable seating. They are also well-suited to many venue types such as modern, rustic and traditional

Furthermore, wood restaurant chairs can be painted in multiple colors to complete your restaurant’s interior.
Upholstered restaurant chairs

Upholstered Restaurant Chairs

These chairs are popular with upscale restaurants and fine dining establishments that want to provide luxurious seating. The deluxe upholstered chairs provide the ultimate in comfort and can be upholstered in a wide variety of fabric or vinyl with custom options available. Some of our chairs come fully upholstered which give the establishment a prestigious look.

Our upholstered chairs are made of commercial grade, high density foam to ensure they keep their shape after repeated use. The upholstery is very resistant to staining but this can be avoided if they are cleaned quickly and vinyl is highly stain resistant compared to other materials.
patio restaurant chairs

Aluminum Restaurant Patio Chairs

Aluminum patio chairs are great for outdoor seating they are waterproof, rustproof and UV resistant making them resistant to fading when left out in the sun. Another advantage to aluminum chairs is they are lightweight and easy to move, clean and maintain. These commercial outdoor chairs are popular for their sleek looks and do not get too hot in the sun.

Aluminum is a long lasting material and can be upholstered with materials suited for outdoor use such as faux rattan, wicker and plastic teak. Our aluminum chairs can also be paired with aluminum patio tables.

Hospitality Chairs Styles and Designs

There are many different types of restaurant chairs. Different kinds of chairs are suitable for different commercial settings, whether it’s for an eatery, club, resort or community center.

side restaurant chairs

Side Chairs

This term applies to all armless restaurant chairs with that, so they can easily be placed with the seat under the table, which saves room when they are not in use. These chairs are also easier to stack and store.
arm restaurant chairs

Arm Chair

These are chairs with arm rests, which provide additional comfort. The arms can be connected to the backrest and seat or they can meld to the frame in a wrap-around shape.
Industrial restaurant chairs


Industrial style chairs have a minimalist look that fits in with modern decor and features distressed wood in light or natural dark colors with metal frames which are usually black, gray or gunmetal. Some are made of all metal in a variety of colors. These chairs often have a warehouse or factory charm with a vintage look that is very popular.
upholstered restaurant chairs

Upholstered Chairs

These are amongst the most comfortable commercial chairs. Usually seen in upscale restaurants, upholstered chairs add more than comfort to your interior. They help enrich the interior and hint to yout guests of a good evening spent in comofort.
X Back restaurant chairs

X Back Chairs

These elegant chairs are known for the stylish way they make a fashion statement. Built for comfort and designed to impress, these contemporary style chairs come in wood or metal frames. All of these chairs showcase an X or cross back European like design that is sure to add class to any venue.
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