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Table Bases Guide

Successful Restaurant Design

Pairing your table with the correct base is important for the look and interior design of your restaurant or bar and in terms of functionality. Pedestal table bases are the most common base used in the hospitality industry but there are other options. They are usually ordered separately from table tops and are available in a wide range of styles, sizes, materials and finishes.

Table Bases Suitability and Stability

When choosing your table base, suitability is important. Will it be used for indoor or outdoor use? If you're setting up patio dining, there are several options that are suitable for outdoor use. Aluminum, galvanized steel and some stainless steel grades are all weather-resistant metals, making them ideal for the outdoors. Other metal bases can be treated or finished for outdoor use, by either treating the metal itself or applying a protective coating to slow the rate of corrosion.

All table bases consist of a base plate, a column and a spider. Each playing a key part in forming a stable, supportive structure for the top. The base plate size must be: Big enough to support the top, small enough to not restrict access or be uncomfortable for your guests. They should also be heavy enough (if supporting heavy tops). The size, weight, shape and table top material should also guide you to choose the right base.

If your table top is made of heavy materials like solid wood, granite or steel or lighter weight materials such as laminate or resin, you should choose a cast iron or steel table base with a big enough spider to support the top. The spider sits on the column of the table base and holds up the table. Outdoor table tops made of plastic teak, resin or bamboo are lighter materials and can be supported by aluminum or stainless steel table bases. You may also choose a bolt down table base for maximum stability.

Table Bases Shapes

While a basic part of a restaurant table a table base comes in an array of shapes and sizes. Below are the three main shapes and at the bottom of the guide we have added a table bases and tops sizes compatibility chart maikng it easy for you to choose the right table bases for your table tops.

round table bases

Round Table Bases

Round table bases provide excellent stability due to their shape. They are popular with many venues, modern and traditional. Round bases come in different styles and designs. Some come in simple, plain designs with no patterns and other come with decorative patterns which can range from classical designs like our Victorian model to current, modern designs such as our modern designer series table bases. The material used in your base will affect its style too with chrome and stainless steel having a more upscale look, iron cast and aluminum are generally found in more casual settings.
X-Prong Table Bases

X-Prong Table Bases

X prong table bases are commonly used throughout the restaurant business and have a classic look to them that can blend in with just about any type of decor from modern to traditional. These table bases will provide an excellent pedestal to you table top and come in different designs from modern to traditional. The styles range from a posh chrome or stainless steel base to less flashy materials like cast iron. Aluminum is popular for outdoor use.
Square Table Bases

Square Table Bases

Square table bases are popular with many modern and industrial themed restaurants and cafes. The square shape of the base lends itself to industrial design with its clean lines and geometric shape. Further enhancing the modern look are materials such as stainless steel or cast iron, which also fit in with the warehouse style, modern industrial design. Square table bases can also be found in venues with traditional decor and are popular with bars and bistros. These table bases have an upscale look when combining a square chrome table base to a granite or solid wood table top.

Materials and Functionality

Metal table bases are either left natural, polished (aluminum, stainless steel for example) or powder-coated to a color. Most of the bases we sell are powder-coated, usually black, simply because this is perceived to be a discreet solution - the bases do not stand-out and interfere with the appeal of the chairs and table tops. Powder coating creates a hard finish that is tougher than conventional paint; chrome is a popular finish; a matt chrome finish is also sometimes available. This is a good choice if you want your table base to stand out more and turn your restaurant table into a focal point.

Our different styles of table bases can also serve to tailor to the look of your motif. Different styles and shapes include round, square, x-prong, 2 prong, designer, U shape and trapezoid. Our designer table bases range from ornate designs that will add charm and character to sleek, modern designs such as our ridge and 3 step table base designs or classic ones like the X prong.

Table Bases Materials

Cast iron table bases

Cast Iron Table Bases

This is the strongest material for table bases and is good for holding up heavy table tops such as solid wood or granite. These bases have a powder coat finish that protects it from the elements. Cast iron is also a great choice due to its heavy weight and is the most durable of the table base materials.
Outdoor Table Bases

Stainless Steel / Aluminum Table Bases

These bases have a nice shine that is resistant to scratches and is waterproof and rustproof making them suitable for both outdoor and indoor use.
Designer Table Bases

Designer Table Bases

Designer table bases can add panache and flair to your dining area. These pedestals feature elaborate designs that will enhance the look of your table by giving it a more upscale appearance. We have designer table bases for all kinds of motifs whether is the stately, elegant Victorian style or the sleek modern design.

Table Tops & Bases Chart

Our table bases come in 30" height for restaurant tables and 42" height for bar tables. These are the standard measurements for the food service industry and most commercial chairs and bar stools will fit these heights. Below is a table tops and bases chart that will help you match your table size to the correct base size.

SQUARE TABLES Table Size Base Size
24 x 24 22x22 or 17" Round
30 x 30 22x22 or 17" Round
36 x 36 30x30 or 22" Round
42 x 42 36x36 or 30" Round
24 x 30 22x22 or 17" Round
24 x 42 22x30 or 22" Round
24 x 48 22x30 or 22" Round
30 x 42 22x30 or 22" Round
30 x 48 22x30 or 22" Round
30 x 60 (2) 22x22 or (2) 17" Round
30 x 72 (2) 22x22 or (2) 22" Round
ROUND TABLES Table Size Base Size
24" Diameter 22x22 or 17" Round
30" Diameter 22x22 or 17" Round
36" Diameter 30x30 or 22" Round
42" Diameter 36x36 or 30" Round
48" Diameter 30" Round
54" Diameter 30" Round
60" Diameter 30" Round

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