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Bobs Burgers - Albuquerque, NM

Bobs Burgers

Take a moment and Google “burger restaurant design”. When you do, you are likely to come across a slew of heavy industrialized designs. Giant beams, Edison lightbulbs, reclaimed wood and unfinished steel: you know the drill. There is nothing wrong with that. The industrial design lends an eclectic appeal that many restaurant interiors are drawn to. But it can sometimes be overdone. This is what makes Bob's Burgers interior refreshing and unique.

With 11 branches across the country, this Albuquerque-based burger chain location reveals a fresh take on burger restaurant design targeted at the next generation of burger enthusiasts. This family-owned and operated restaurant has been and still is a local favorite since 1963. Much like the food served at this burger restaurant, the décor is colorful, cosy and crisp with a nod to the building’s history. The restaurant’s interior conveys a modern and comfortable atmosphere and demonstrates Bob’s Burgers as being the leader in the “better burger segment” of the food service industry.

restaurant furniture on location

As far as the interior design concept goes, Bob’s Burgers goes where a few burger joints have gone before. This place uses a lot of color and embraces its historical roots that are supported by the “not your average burger restaurant” principle. Many other burger shops in Albuquerque have adapted a similar style. Bob’s Burgers still aims to stand out among competition with its interior visual appearance using both masculine and feminine design elements to form a symbiosis in their design.

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The entrance is open with large windows, letting in natural light which illuminates the entire building. Concrete walls are painted in white. The signature Bob’s Burgers brand of red, steel, grey and black can be found mixed throughout the décor and furniture. Cushioned restaurant booths, tiled floors, laminated tables and clear finished metal chairs add the perfect amount of texture to the space and are all accentuated by ample lighting from the red suspension lamps dangling from the wood soffits on the ceiling.

Colors play a major role in Bob’s Burgers brand. In their other 10 locations, the Albuquerque based chain uses white, black and red accents to electrify the signage, interior design and menu. Its graphical environment composes of vintage artwork as well as images with writings and embossed logos against the white walls giving the restaurant an inviting and nostalgic feel that customers can sink their teeth into.

Restaurant furniture on location

Some of the guiding principles leading this restaurant’s design – featuring earthy materials mixed with contemporary graphic designs – is make it simple, natural, and comfortable yet modern and relevant for any occasion. Bob’s Burgers wanted to strike the right tone in their design that makes it a welcoming and friendly place for families with small children to come and dine. At the same time, the ambiance accommodates couples on a date who want to enjoy a craft beer and some burgers before heading to the theatres.

Bob’s Burgers has a pulse on how their customers like to dine. Their customers look for a modern and contemporary dining experience which Bob’s décor presents. Ultimately, it was important that the restaurant’s interior at Bob’s Burgers reflect the quality of and variety of their burgers. You can literally feel the great energy around the food and restaurant design when you walk inside. Reaching an important milestone as a brand, the new and enhanced look of their Albuquerque location allows this restaurant to directly compete with more casual dining spots. At the very most, the new design opens Bob’s Burgers up to a wider audience of customers, particularly in the fast-casual and fast-food restaurant segment.

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