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Muse Wine Bar - Newton, IO

Muse Wine Bar - Newton, IO

Muse is an upscale, yet down to earth, wine bar that provides a convenient location for couples to get away on their date night, or for girlfriends to get together to celebrate their friendship. Located in the ballroom of the historic Maytag Hotel in downtown Newton, Iowa. The Wine Bar has a long history of hosting social gatherings. From its construction alongside the Hotel Maytag and its historic ballroom, the wine bar would host many of Newton’s social elite throughout the 1920s and ‘30s. Fred Maytag, founder of the Maytag Corporation, would frequent the establishment himself.

When you enter the Muse Wine Bar, it is like stepping into the past, into an era of jazz, art deco-inspired design, and magnificent parties held in equally magnificent venues. While many other historic venues have modernized their look to “change with times” the Muse Wine Bar and the Maytag want to preserve the splendor of the Hotel Maytag and the Muse Wine Bar so guests could appreciate its majestic roots. Like the ballroom. The wine bar exudes class and style with granite tile flooring, terra cotta panels, classical motifs of shields and garlands, and spacious windows framed by flowing curtains.

restaurant furniture on location

The Muse Wine Bar needed quality commercial furniture that would fit in with the historic look of the hotel. They chose the Premium US Made Leonardo wood bar stool with arms which has a graceful look that added to the venue’s elegant decor. They ordered the bar stools in walnut finish with padded seats upholstered in black vinyl. The bar stools have a classy style that looks the part and complements the upscale decor which includes stylish chandeliers.

The premium Leonardo Wood bar stools offer guests highly comfortable, quality seating while also adding to the prestige and honoring the hotel’s historic legacy with its timeless, regal look. Wood bar stools are also much more comfortable than their metal counterparts which can have a rigid look and feel. The natural wood grain texture also gives each bar stool a unique quality and adds to the authenticity and beauty of the wine bar. The bar stool’s arms also add a majestic touch and allows patrons to relax in style while sipping a glass of wine or socializing with friends.

restaurant wood bar stools

To go with the bar stools the Muse ordered resin table tops in matching walnut finish. With round, iron cast table bases in black finish. The tables offer affordable high class that has a prestigious look which blends well with the bar’s sophisticated style. The resin table tops' walnut finish looks like real wood and has the advantage of being highly resistant to stains and scratches, ensuring that they will continue to look great for many years to come.

wood look resin tables for restaurants
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