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Santa Barbara Wine Therapy - Santa Barbara, CA

Santa Barbara Wine Therapy - Santa Barbara, CA

Characteristic of the vibrant community that is downtown Santa Barbara, Wine Therapy offers a casual atmosphere and a menu catered to those with a need to relax and unwind. Dog-friendly and with a drink menu packed with unique and tasteful selections, including mimosas and high-proof frosés, Wine Therapy is a perfect stop for those with a thirst to quench on a hot summer day or in need of sociable night out with friends, of the four-legged variety or otherwise.

In addition to a varied number of house selections and labels, Wine Therapy boasts seasonal offerings such as mulled wine during the holiday months and house-made sangria praised by patrons for its refreshing depth during the spring and summer. While the menu is primarily beverage-oriented, Wine Therapy offers plentiful snacking foods such as Chex Mix to ensure that no one drinks on an empty stomach. Seating is split between the bar and high-top tables that seat up to six patrons. Wine Therapy’s layout is open and accommodating for any number of customers.

Happy hour runs from opening to 7 p.m. and features a rotating schedule of social events for every day of the week, including trivia nights, comedy nights, live music, and a locals night on the weekend. No matter what you might be in the mood for, chances are Wine Therapy has it happening one night a week and offers just the right drink to go along with it. For those just looking to have some old-fashioned fun on a night out, the bar boasts a selection of arcade games as well, including skee ball for just twenty-five cents a play.

restaurant metal and wood bar stools

Dressed with slim and robust Slate metal series bar stools and restaurant chairs, the floor of the Wine Therapy strives for an atmosphere of relaxation and social openness. The style is almost completely in light, warm colors, and little stands out to obscure navigability or patrons’ line of sight. To accommodate this, Wine Therapy selected our Slate metal bar stools and matching chairs, constructed to provide maximum durability while being minimally visually intrusive. The style of both the chairs and bar stools is influenced heavily by traditional European counterparts, in particular mid-century Scandinavian designs. While this can be seen mirrored in contemporary counterparts such as traditional English and Scottish bar chairs, our Slate series leans further into modernity through their material construction and streamlined design.

Restaurant furniture on location

A stout metal frame ensures the chairs stand up to rigorous commercial use and are easy to clean and maintain, while the crossbar-supported legs and gently angled backrest keep them distinct, rather than separate, from their classical design roots. Merged together, these elements produce a traditional and reliable chair with strong tones of industrial utilitarian modernism. While Wine Therapy purchased their Slate metal sets in both white and black metal finish, the wood backs and seats are available in a variety of finishes, sure to match any decor need an establishment may have.

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