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Takara Sushi Station - Madison, WI

Takara Sushi Station

Takara Sushi Station is well-known for its fresh sushi and serving authentic Japanese cuisine. The restaurant is located in Madison, the capitol of Wisconsin. Takara is a cornerstone in the Madison community. The Sushi restaurant is known for its modern interpretation of classic dishes and its insistence on only using high quality fresh ingredients. In addition to sushi, they have also become famous for their hibachi dishes and pan-fried noodles such as yaki udon.

When you open the door, you will immediately appreciate the dark wood ambiance with a large golden lit-up fish and a cocktail bar that appears to be well-stocked with top shelf spirits. The interior represents a traditional Japanese sushi restaurant with characteristic earth tone-colored walls. Nippon hanging lights with rattan shades and a solid wood floor with a mahogany finish add to the classic sushi house look.

restaurant furniture on location

The owner of Takara Sushi Station updated the restaurant’s image by changing the decor and purchasing new restaurant furniture, which included chairs, bar stools, dining booths and tables. For seating he chose plain back booths in black vinyl upholstery with 42” high back giving guests more comfort and privacy. The American made booths can be customized to be in any shape, length, size or material. The booths were placed along the wall and in the center next to a moving sushi conveyor belt to help make efficient use of limited floor space. The booths also give the sushi house a more upscale look that couldn’t be achieved with just tables and chairs alone.

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For bar seating where the conveyor belt runs along a counter offering various sushi dishes, he has vintage style bar stools with bucket seats upholstered in brown vinyl. The bar stools fit in well with the traditional sushi house style and the brown also matches the earth toned colored walls. Our Ardy vintage style bar stool has a very similar look and would complement the décor as well as those seen in the location. Since bars like this are a popular feature in sushi houses, it is important to have comfortable seating and the Ardy vintage bar stool has a cozy padded back and seat that will keep your guests relaxed.

Restaurant furniture on location

Quality tables are just as important as chairs. To contribute to the authentic look live edge solid wood table tops in walnut finish with eased edge were the ideal fit. The tables have a natural look that accentuates the classic Japanese sushi house look. They also add a level of prestige and warmth that gives the restaurant a pleasant vibe. The thick solid wood table tops go especially well with the booths and gently reflect the soft glow of the tradition rattan shaded hanging lights above. The solid wood table tops are handcrafted in the USA and the workmanship and detail that goes into making them is evident. Beautiful solid wood tables are a common feature of respectable, upscale restaurants that want to give their patrons a first-class experience. The solid wood table tops can be matched with bolt down bases as seen in Takare or regular X prong or round cast iron table bases, depending on your functional and decor needs.

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