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Zaika Indian Cuisine's Beautiful Revamp

Zaika Indian Cuisine

A lot of things happen by coincidence. But not the architecture and design of Zaika Indian Cuisine. Modern and ethnicity not only marry by the timeless Indian flavors no one gets bored of but the color theme reflects on the tantalizing aroma of curry that lead you by the nose to the entrance at Zaika.

The architecture of the building is not dwarfed by the surrounding studios and shops. In fact, it pays homage to the entire Colorado Springs shopping center. The design concept was built on the luxuriant growth of Indian spice cultivation and vegetation and modern ideas for both the menu and theme. This concept was carefully developed and intertwined with each other to communicate the elegance of this modern restaurant.

Just like the food served at Zaika, the restaurant’s interior has a fresh new look. Nestled among fitness, yoga and dance studios on Centennial Boulevard, the bright and colorful restaurant is expansive and always bustling. There isn’t a day where Zaika isn’t busy. Even on weeknights, you will see full tables of four with sharing plates.

Indian Restaurant Interior

Zaika has adopted the “less is more” design philosophy, a post-modern design concept which concentrates on simplicity and order. Simplified design features with straight lines and traditional elements allow guests to relax and enjoy the refreshing atmosphere of India in Colorado Springs without flying across the world.

Color psychology sets in effectively by the large windows that let in natural light that accentuates the bright colors and draws people in with a ravenous appetite. Elegant and comfortable with a sumptuous decor awash in the hues of India’s signature spices describes Zaika in a nutshell. It is very contemporary and traditional with vibrancy where sophistication meshes seamlessly with style. The orange and neon yellow walls that evoke a luminous and welcoming feel together with the wood flooring and restaurant furniture conjure a refined flair.

Indian Restaurant Interior

Zaika delivers everything you would expect from a South Asian restaurant: fragrant meals made with confidence and care and a relaxing ambiance created by the beige shades on the windows that block out external stimuli allowing diners to fully immerse in an intimate dining experience.

To reflect the traditional elements, Zaika has incorporated vibrant colors and hand crafted decorations to outline the beauty of Indian artistry. The restaurant’s logo with cursive fonts is an eye-catching vocal point to represent Zaika’s brand name and restaurant culture.

Indian Restaurant Interior

Wood restaurant tables, curvaceous chairs and cushioned channel restaurant booths in orange vinyl upholstery convey the warmth and inviting feeling while trying to retain a modern style that also interprets the cuisine’s traditions. Zaika draws large crowds of people constantly and tables fill up very quickly. The pay station is furnished with waiting benches that seat hungry visitors comfortably as they wait for their tables while they take in the tantalizing aroma of Indian curry.

Combining modernity with elegance the curved back, black wood restaurant chairs and walnut table tops are both comfortable and fit in perfectly into the décor. As do the black button tufted waiting benches. Every part of the restaurant’s interior was perfectly thought of. The restaurant furniture was chosen not only for its strength and comfort but also for the way it helps to tie the color scheme together. Nothing was left to chance.

Indian Restaurant Interior
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