USA Made Restaurant Chairs

Our wood chairs are made to meet or exceed commercial industry standards. The USA made wood chairs are built with a mortise and tenon style construction and made to withstand the BIFMA strength and quality tests.

Not only can you choose from a selection of chair designs but you can also customize them to best fit your needs. With a choice of wood finishes and many upholstery options including an un-upholstered wood seat you can create countless variations and even find matching bar stools to go along with them. [+] read more...

Why Buy US Made Furniture?

In the past 10 years, the market for commercial grade furniture, especially chairs, has been diluted with imported products. These products largely resemble the classic styling of local furniture, come in a variety of colors, are cheaper, and appear to be made of quality wood. Commercial furniture is a very important purchase to make for most business owners. So how much of a difference are you really making in buying American made restaurant chairs? Does it really matter whether locally sourced materials are used for making wood restaurant chairs or not?

First and foremost, you are providing jobs and investing in the economic future of our country. But it doesn’t end there. By buying furniture made in the USA you are certain of their quality and of the labor standards in which they were created ensuring fair and safe working conditions.

Then there is also the environmental consideration. From a human factor, you have confidence that the USA made chairs you purchased were manufactured under humane working conditions. When you buy furniture, you may not always think how your purchase effects the environment. American furniture manufacturing companies operate under strict environmental regulations which restrict the distribution of waste and pollutants into the air and water. Other countries that create and manufacture furniture may not hold these same regulations.

Lasting Quality and Safety

Quality is king, especially when you expect your chairs to last through years of rigors in your busy establishment. If you want chairs that will last you for years, you will place your money on our US made chairs. Standards for American made furniture are very stringent especially when it comes to regulating commercial grade products. Construction quality and joinery are key to lasting durable restaurant furniture and predominately hand-crafted American chairs guarantee you that. All of our chairs meet BIFMA/ANSI requirements.

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