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Designer Series Modern Table Base

Product highlights
Round table base
Built of cast iron
Powder coated in black
Adjusts to any surface
Multiple sizes available
Weight 60 lbs
Height 29"
Warranty 1-Year
Material Cast Iron
Table Base Height Table Height
Color Black
Designer Series Modern Table Base

Constructed of cast iron and powder coated in black, the designer series modern table base provides a solution for wobbly restaurant tables with its self-stabilizing capabilities. Pair this table base with any of our tops and you are guaranteed a steady restaurant table, even when placed on an uneven surface.

Regardless of how many times the table is moved, the cast iron table base automatically locks into position thus adjusting to any surface. Available in multiple sizes, choose a base that fits best with your table top. Reduce customer complaints, save time, and allow us to help you create your ideal restaurant table with our commercial table bases.

Choosing the Right Table Base
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