Laminate Restaurant Table Tops

Laminate table tops for restaurants are a great way to improve the look of your venue and save money. Our laminated tops come in many styles to fit the look you are going for. Some of them, like our reversible, melamine or resin table tops look like real wood, In addition to being affordable, another advantage to laminate table tops is they are stain and scratch resistant and hot plates can be placed on them without burning the surface. All of our laminate table tops are made to meet the most stringent commercial standards and look good after many years of heavy use. [+] read more...

Laminate table tops designs and styles

  • Inlay or outlay with wood edge
  • Reversible table tops
  • Resin table tops
  • Melamine table tops
  • Reclaimed look

Some of our table tops come with a t-mold edge, self-edge or an aluminum edge. Our Wilsonart laminate table tops come in different looks such as granite, industrial gray, distressed or reclaimed wood and special prints. They also come in natural looking wood finishes such as cherry or mahogany. We offer you many choices so you can create a custom look that’s just right for you. We are here to help you to answer all your questions and give you advice. Call us at : (877) 442-0008

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