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Commercial Grade Tables and Table Tops for Any Venue

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Choosing the Right Table Tops for Your Restaurant

When it comes to selecting the perfect restaurant table tops, it is crucial that you get the right side up. We make it easier to match the best table tops to your restaurant, cafe, or bar needs at competitive prices. We stock a robust selection of commercial table tops including wood, laminate, granite, veneer, resin, rattan, plastic, and also a range of solid wood table tops from right here in the US. As with all of our furnishings, we are proud to offer a variety of customizable options, top-grade materials, quick shipping, and a reliable warranty program on our restaurant table tops.

Our commercial restaurant tables are designed to be reliable, offering years of service, no matter the use. If you are looking to fit out a new restaurant or commercial eatery, you’ve come to the right place. Our products have been installed throughout the country, and our customers rave over our customer service and technical knowledge. Below you’ll find our complete catalog of the best commercial restaurant tables and table tops, to fit any decor and design.

Why Restaurant Table Top Design Matters

Our product specialists and design team continuously strive to ensure that we have the best selection of table tops available online. We don’t just look at having the biggest catalog; instead, we focus on having the best range of quality and practical tables. Design matters for your customers, and when it comes to fitting out a commercial eatery or restaurant, there are specific designs and materials that better suit particular niches in the hospitality industry. You must think about the creative design and the practical use of any table top. Solid wood tables would go great in a high-end restaurant but would feel out of place at an ice-cream parlor for example.

How to Choose the Best Table Tops for Restaurants

There are a few elements to consider when choosing the best table tops for restaurants, bars, or a cafe. From a design standpoint, the table top that you go with must suit the rest of your design elements. More importantly, though, when choosing a table, we recommend that you opt for the most practical pieces that fit your venue's size rather than just overcrowd your venue. A busy restaurant packed in with tables will only leave a sour taste in the mind of your customers.

Commercial Table Tops Buying Guide

Finding the right table tops for your business is not always the most straightforward task. There are often questions that can be quite challenging to find an answer to, but to help you out, we’ve created this quick and easy table tops buying guide to help settle some of the biggest worries you might have.

  • Firstly, don’t waste your time (and money!) by purchasing table tops or benches designed for residential use. While you might save money initially, these table tops are not built to last with the high traffic use.
  • Take full advantage of mixing and matching table tops and table bases. We are flexible with many of our products and allow you to put together a unique table for your decor.
  • Think about where your tables will be situated and whether they will be exposed to the weather. The more cost-effective and decor-like laminate tables are not the best for being outdoors, and we would recommend thinking twice before throwing any wooden table outdoors without protection.
  • Spacing is important for your customers and for foot traffic throughout your business. Too many tables will cramp your customers and make it difficult for your staff to service them. Our restaurant seating capacity guide can help you determine your restaurant’s capacity and how to match your table top size to the number of diners it can comfortably fit.
  • Finally, don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and consider the modern and progressive furniture styles. While these funkier looks might seem wild in the first instance, we find that customers appreciate the unique character they bring to the table top.

No matter what style your decor is, you will undoubtedly find the perfect match with us.

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