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Choose From a Variety of Restaurant Booths in Any Size, Shape or Color

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Provide Added Comfort to Your Customers With Restaurant Booth Seating

With our wide variety of restaurant booths, flexible material and style options, you’ll find it a breeze to pick the perfect booth for your restaurant, cafe, or bar. Our user-friendly website and product details will streamline the process for you and make the design and purchase of your newest booth one to remember. Our custom restaurant booths won’t just help you maximize the floor space, our competitive pricing will also help you out with the bottom line. We also offer priority shipping on all of our booths which are made in the USA using top quality materials and American craftsmanship.

Whether you are looking to upgrade your current fit-out or investing in new furniture for your restaurant - you’ve come to the right place. Our restaurant and commercial furniture has been fitted throughout the country. Our customers love what we supply and the technical knowledge of our customer service team! Here, you’ll find our catalog of commercial restaurant booths, including a wide selection of booth bases and styles to fit any decor indoors or outdoors. For your convenience we also include a range of photos on our website and detailed descriptions and specifications.

Why Restaurant Booths are a Smart Choice

Including booth seating is always going to be a smart choice for restaurants, bars, or cafes. They’re a popular choice with customers because of the comfort and the added privacy that a group can have when seated in a booth. However, booths aren’t just great for your customers. Installing restaurant booths will maximize the features of your venue decor, while also allowing you to manage larger bookings with ease thanks to the natural seating style. They also help maximize seating space by allowing you to place them against walls and in corners where chairs would be wasting your space.

How to Choose the Best Restaurant Dining Booths

Booths offer plenty of flexibility for restaurateurs and owners because they allow for productive use of floor space while adding a larger variety of design options. When choosing the best seating options, consider how you intend to set up the seating arrangements and how to best use them to compliment your restaurant chairs and tables. When choosing your booth, it is critical to take the time to plan things out and to get input on desired designs, shapes and materials to use.

Commercial Restaurant Booth Buying Guide

Finding the best commercial restaurant booth can be a challenge as fitting out booths will require more planning and design input than simply pushing tables and chairs about. With our significant catalog of booths built and shipped from the USA, we deal with a high volume of clients who need assistance to get it right. For this reason, we have put together our restaurant booth buying guide to help bridge the gap and answer some of those difficult questions you may be having:

  • There are many design styles to consider, but from a foundation standpoint, most booths are arranged as single, double, semi-circle, three-quarter circle, and wall bench varieties. Firstly, you must think about how best to maximize your space without compromising on design features.
  • Once you have a plan on the ideal booth for your restaurant, cafe, or bar, you can decide on the material or fabric. Our restaurant booths come in a variety of vinyl and fabric upholstery; however, you need to pick the right fabric dependent on the use in your space. Many of our customers go with leather or vinyl options on the spring foam cushions; however, fabrics are popular too for an elegant look - be wary of the stain potential.
  • Match the trimming of your booth with the decor of your space. The trim is primarily the materials used for the backboard section, and typically these are wood, leather, or fabric.
  • When in doubt, measure it out! Deuce and single booths come in standard sizes but you can have your booths custom made to fit your specific needs.

What are the Best Booth Styles

There are many different styles of booths that we provide, including the option to customize and mix-and-match your favorite designs together. While our restaurant booths feature both wooden or vinyl / fabric seat and back, some of our more popular designs among our customers include:

  • Button-tufted
  • Horizontal Channels
  • Plain vinyl
  • v-shape
  • Diner Booths

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