Restaurant Design Trends: Forecast for 2020

Restaurant Design Trends: Forecast for 2020

In conclusion to 2019, it’s never too soon or too late to look ahead at the coming year of 2020 which is thought to be a major year of new trends in commercial grade furniture, restaurant design and the food service industry. If you are looking to open a new restaurant or renovate your existing venue, this coming year has many opportunities to help you stay on top of the evolving consumer trends and ahead of competition. Although trends serve a great source of inspiration, you don’t have to follow all of them to a tee. Instead, you can just use them to enhance your space to make it more contemporary and inviting. Don’t wait for the ball to drop on Times Square at midnight. You can get a head start now.

Developing A Successful Restaurant Concept

Developing A Successful Restaurant Concept

Sometimes, success of a restaurant concept is not always built around being the best in any category. It takes a bit of hustling, thick skin and creativity. Focus on being best at being supremely unique instead. Buying, preparing and serving meals is one of the most personal forms of expression for patrons that engage with it but restaurants aren’t just retail boutique shops, grocery stores or airports. They are a lot more personal and restaurant ideas should be reflective of those who created them.

How Restaurants Welcome Solo Diners with Booth Dining Tables

How Restaurants Welcome Solo Diners with Booth Dining Tables

Dining solo is not the kind of meal that immediately springs to mind for many of us. Going to a restaurant is normally an experienced to be shared. However, dining solo is on the rise and is having a dramatic impact on the restaurant industry. As the stigma of eating alone is shifting, restaurants are looking for better ways to service solo diners with booth seating solutions.

Restaurant Trends and Design Concepts for 2019

Restaurant Design Trends and Concepts for 2019

Are you looking to open a new restaurant or give your current establishment a makeover this year? Many restaurants are increasingly building their businesses around a central design concept or motif. Those design concepts extend to how a restaurant layout is organized and designed. Upon the arrival of 2019, it’s never too soon or too late to explore trends that are dominating the food service industry.

Cost Cutting Strategies for Restaurant Owners

Lower Restaurant Costs without Compromising on Service and Quality

Getting your restaurant expenses under control will not only show you how to save money as a restaurant owner but will help you make your marginal operations more profitable. According to the Restaurant Resource Group the restaurant industry has some of the smallest profit margins of any business with only 4 to 7 percent. Food and labor costs play a role in any restaurant’s success and failure. Developing cost cutting techniques for restaurants are some of the big responsibilities that an owner has. Restaurant owners who manage their expenses can prevent themselves from overspending on staff, supplies and items without compromising on the quality of service and food.

Best Eco-Friendly Practices for Reducing Plastic Pollution at Restaurants

Best Eco-Friendly Practices for Reducing Plastic Pollution at Restaurants

Plastic is literally found in most things these days. Many food and hygiene products are packaged in it. Cars, phones, water bottles, milk cartons and computers are made from plastic. It even comes in the form of gum. Over the past decade, more disposable plastic products have been manufactured by consumer demand. Unfortunately, most plastic items are specifically designed not to break down and therefore difficult to recycle, most of which end up in landfills, beaches, rivers and oceans – contributing to the devastating problem of plastic pollution which many industries are responsible for, including restaurants.

Which Restaurant Table Configurations Drive the Most Sales

Increase Your Revenue with the Right Restaurant Table Configurations

There are many factors that can have an impact on restaurant sales. While many restaurateurs invest thousands upon thousands of dollars on advertisement and promotions, there are more affordable alternatives. Table configurations can be the driving force that potentially increases revenue depending on which structure you are using. Studies show and confirm that positioning the right sized restaurant tables with other tables to accommodate large parties can indeed yield additional profits at virtually no cost.

Why Diners are Choosing Family-Owned Restaurants over Corporate Chains

Why Diners are Choosing Family-Owned Restaurants over Corporate Chains

Depending on whether you are seriously contemplating about starting your independent restaurant or investing in a franchise, risks and rewards can vary. Start-up responsibilities, creativity, monetary resources, and experience are serious considerations before making what is one of the most important business decisions. Thoroughly studying the market, knowing the type of food services, and learning about people’s dining preferences can and should heavily weigh in your decisions which can ultimately determine the best path of success for you.

Buy or lease your new restaurant equipment?

Opening a New Restaurant: Should You Buy or Lease Restaurant Equipment?

As you draw a business plan for your restaurant, you may be faced with a lot of questions that may affect the success of your operations. Prior to announcing the ground opening of your restaurant, you will have many decisions to make; leasing vs buying restaurant equipment is one of them. Although you may feel that you should own your restaurant equipment, furniture, and appliances, leasing from them may be your only option for the time being.

Summer Promotion Ideas for Restaurants

Sizzling Restaurant Summer Promotion Ideas and Trends You Need to Try

Competition in the restaurant business is fierce. The summer season tends to draw a lot of tourists, increase foot traffic and hosts outdoor events which can present a huge business advantage to some restaurants. For other restaurants, however, summer time is their slowest season where sales struggle and falter. Unless you are scooping ice cream or selling milkshakes, you may not be looking forward to summer. But if you think strategically, a slow summer season doesn’t always translate into lower revenue. There are restaurant summer promotion ideas that can help you make the most of your business during the summer season.

Millennial Restaurant Dining Habits

Millennial Dining Habits Restaurateurs Should Know About

Millenials as we know, have a strong penchant for experience be it dating over settling down, hopping from jobs over climbing the corporate ladder, traveling and possibly even prefer obscure eateries to casual dining. The latest poll found that millennials are shaping the trends of the restaurant brand landscape into what they want them to be more than the previous generation has. Restaurant companies are taking careful notes to this phenomenon and therefore are doing everything they can to attract and build a younger clientele base.

Restaurant Technology Trends

Restaurant Technology Trends to Expect in 2018

The food and hospitality industry is forever evolving – always in search of innovative strategies to further their business endeavors. As a major player in the economy, restaurants owe their steady growth to the people’s sweat, blood and tears. As a result, it would seem appropriate for owners to explore current restaurant technology trends, especially for reinvesting funds to increase revenue and enhance customer satisfaction. As full and quick service restaurant alike continue to compete for market share, owners are increasingly embracing technology trends in the restaurant industry as a vehicle for delivering fast, quality service and great choices.

Slowest Months for Restaurants

Restaurant Seasonality: Factors Affecting the Industry

Like in most businesses, sales in restaurants tend to fluctuate. Depending on the season, customer numbers can either remain steady but then face a sudden decline. Seasonal changes heavily impact the success in the restaurant business. In such instances, restaurateurs look for strategies to boost their marketing campaigns. In efforts to keep up with the latest trends in the food industry, owners desperately rely on gimmicks to keep visitors coming. You can avoid finding yourself in that quandary by paying close attention to the seasonal factors affecting the restaurant industry.

Top Reasons Why Restaurants Fail – What We Can Learn

Top Reasons Why Restaurants Fail – What We Can Learn

We often hear a lot of success stories about restaurants as well as tips famous restaurateurs impart onto novices on how make their businesses thrive. Failure is seen as taboo at least, not commonly discussed at most. Most people don’t establish a restaurant or a bar with the intentions of failing. Realistically speaking, the food industry is not any less vulnerable of failure than any other commerce in the market. Even when we don’t expect failure, it nonetheless still happens.

Restaurant Color Psychology: How Colors Influence People

Restaurant Color Psychology: How Colors Influence Customers

Believe it or not, the colors you use to design your restaurant with have a major impact on your customer’s dining experience. Restaurant color schemes can subconsciously affect the patron’s appetite but overall greatly influence their behavior and emotion. Colors can leave an impression among patrons which either tells them to place their orders and leave asap or hang around for a relaxing and enjoyable dining experience which your venue has to offer. Consumers tend to judge a dining establishment based on food, service, and price. However, the more effective the restaurant color design is in terms of creating an image and ambiance to arouse customer’s appetite, the greater success you will witness in your business.

Unique Restaurant Ideas

Creative and Unique Restaurant Themes and Ideas

The food industry is very cut-throat. Staying buoyant amidst heavy competition can be very difficult. But every successful restaurant has a hook that reels guests in and converts them to long-time customers. For some patrons, it’s exotic food. Others are drawn by the unique variety of cocktails that some of these dining establishments serve. Excellent service and ambiance are also contributing factors to the success in the restaurant business. Unique restaurant design ideas and themes are what makes you truly stand out from your competitors.

Habits of Highly Successful Restaurant Owners

Habits of Highly Successful Restaurant Owners

Now that you are done ordering furniture for your restaurant why not take the time to read 7 of the most important tips we learned over the years from successful restaurant owners. Some things may sound obvious but during the day to day operations of running a restaurant, things tend to be forgotten or postponed so you can think of our short list as a reminder. We hope that the tips below will help guide you in how to manage a restaurant and how to be a successful restaurant owner.

A Glimpse into the Future of the Restaurant Business

A Glimpse into the Future of the Restaurant Business

The hospitality industry has witnessed a shift in its approach to the layout and décor. Restaurant interior design is no longer about meeting customer or financial demands. These days, owners of commercial venues, especially of eateries, focus on creating a one-of-a-kind dining experience when planning the layout for their establishment. As such, architects and interior designers need to design according to the needs of the owner and expectations of the customers.

How Restaurants with Free WiFi Boost Customer Satisfaction

How Restaurants with Free WiFi Boost Customer Satisfaction

Google is constantly updating search engine algorithms in favor of mobile friendly sites. Not surprisingly, people are increasingly making use of the internet while on the go. Consequently, the expectations for places with free WiFi, especially at dining venues are becoming more in demand. Offering free WiFi can provide you with series of advantages – customer satisfaction being one of them. Despite the reality, some restaurants are hesitant to take the leap of faith in providing their customers with free WiFi. They worry that the costs may overshadow the benefits but the truth of the matter is that free WiFi can impact sales. Lack of WiFi, however, is a deal breaker for many patrons who will rely on your competition that offers such access.

Preventing Food Waste in the Restaurant Industry

Go Green to Tackle Food Waste in the Restaurant Industry

Unfortunately, a lot of restaurants see food waste as being a low priority. You may be tantalized by the row of restaurants you see in upscale neighborhoods in New York or Los Angeles. However, if you walk around the alley at the back of this row, you might be in for a big shock. Expect to be greeted with dumpsters packed with trash that only get emptied twice a week, at most. That means a lot of food sitting there fills the area with a deep putrid stench. What’s worse, some of these dumpsters aren’t completely sealed and therefore grease and rancid juices are leaking everywhere which can result infestation putting the restaurant at risk of contravening a health code violation.

How 3D Modeling is Revolutionizing Restaurant Seating

How 3D Modeling is Revolutionizing Restaurant Seating at

As the world is taking a digital turn, the food and hospitality industry is embarking on a series wholesale experiments using technological advancements with the hope of expanding their clientele base. The emphasis on experimentation is made by business owners who come under relentless pressure from their competitors. As the world is changing, so are the expectations of the customers. Owners along with marketing experts are formulating strategies to optimize their products with 3D modeling software programs.

Outdoor Restaurant Design: Best Patio Design Ideas

Outdoor Restaurant Design Ideas

When the weather allows, patrons have a preference for dining outdoors. The rules for planning the layout and seating capacity for indoor venues also apply to patios. They entail more than just setting some tables, chairs, bar stools, and booths outdoors. Ensuring comfortable seating for your patrons should be a priority as well. Overcrowding guests can make for an unpleasant dining experience which can have ramifications for your business. Not only does having a patio area increase seating capacity but the right amount of spacing can improve the image of your venue as well.