Our best ideas for interior sports bar design

Sports Bar Design Guide – Layout Ideas to Consider

Laughter, entertainment, friends, and fun are what normally come to mind when you configure your sports bar design and layout. As you are thinking about owning your own sports bar one day, you are probably imagining the rooms being filled with music, friendly conversations, and people enjoying themselves with a few drinks. Details of the sports bar layout design are especially important to score big with sports enthusiasts and following through with the right tips and guidance provided for you can get the ball in your court.

Restaurant Flower Arrangements

Restaurant Flower Arrangements – Guide to Finding the Right Flowers for Your Venue

Fresh flowers and custom plantings are proven to provide the image of success for your business. While your venue doesn’t need to mimic a botanical garden, restaurant plants and flowers can enhance your interior design and set the tone for the ambiance. Restaurant interior design is one of the main factors that guests notice when deciding on a place to dine at. Flowers and plants can be a great component for the décor and color scheme of the venue. Floral displays at a dining scene freshens the design, making the place cozy and romantic for patrons.

Opening a Coffee Shop

Fresh Ideas and Useful Tips for Starting a Coffee Shop

Most people like to start their day with a cup of freshly brewed coffee. In fact, 68 percent of coffee drinkers have a cup within the first hour of waking up. It’s not an improbable speculation to make that the US population makes up for 100 million coffee drinkers. Needless to say, the industry is booming. When passing by any busy coffee shop, you will notice that it is packed with customers enjoying different types of coffee along with a variety of pastries. Serving quality coffee and snacks in a relaxing yet trendy atmosphere has been a business model pioneered by Starbucks that many other coffee houses are adapting. If you are thinking about expressing your love for coffee with your entrepreneurial spirit, this is a perfect opportunity for opening up a coffee shop.

Restaurant Lighting Design: Bright Ideas for Illuminating your Venue

Bright Ideas that will make your Restaurant Shine

When it comes to hospitality, first impressions are everlasting. Restaurant lighting design plays a very important role in the customer’s dining experience, unbeknownst to many business owners. Unfortunately, a lot of them are oblivious about how much of a difference the lighting can make in the ambiance they want to create for their patrons.

 Restaurant Cleaning Tips  & Commercial Furniture Maintenance Guide

Restaurant Cleaning Tips & Commercial Furniture Maintenance Guide

Running a restaurant is a stressful job that requires organization, strong attention to details and dedication, among a gamut of responsibilities. More often than not, owners and managers must be proficient in a lot of areas in order to ensure that the operation of the business is consistent. Commercial furniture cleaning is one of them. Regardless of the furniture’s structure and durability, dust, scratches, stains, tears and germs are hard to avoid. Dust accumulates overtime and therefore restaurant cleaning tips are necessary for hygiene and maintenance.

Ideal Family Style Restaurant Furniture


It can be confusing to determine which kind of tables and chairs are best for your venue. We have created a guide with recommendations in regard to seating for Family friendly restaurants and diners:

Restaurant Seating Capacity Guide

Restaurant Seating Capacity Guide

When designing your restaurant, you must take in to account your venue’s seating layout. Picking the correct table shape and size can determine your restaurant’s capacity and ultimately your sales.

Restaurant Promotion Ideas

Restaurant Promotion Ideas for Increasing Sales

More people are switching to eating out rather than cooking at home as life is becoming more fast paced. The food industry gains a lot from this trend as a result. The restaurant business is very competitive and only competent restaurateurs stay afloat. Restaurant promotions open a window to many business opportunities. They enable you to reach out to old customers and connect with new customers, allowing you to experience your appreciation for their business and loyalty. The effectiveness of promotion ideas depend on the type of restaurant you operate. Maintaining strong customer relations does not end with an illustrative menu or an attractive interior design. For example, a well conceptualized wine tasting or a theme dinner can turn into a successful event which can result a boost in sales at your restaurant. The key is to upsell to the customer which can increase revenue.

Bar Design Ideas

Best Layout and Design Tips for Your Bar

An interior design that is well conceptualized and executed can do as much for a café, restaurant, and even a bar as much as good food and service can. Professionals will tell you that creating a design is anything but simple. There are a countless number of elements to juggle. You need to think of what you want your bar to look like and how to make the interior decorative as possible without interfering with the staff’s workflow. Then there are safety regulations to factor in – making sure that the bar design layout meets the standards set in place. But one thing is certain: the more thought you put into designing the perfect interior for your bar, you will most likely gain a whole new appreciation for the look of your space.

How to Choose the Right Booths for Your Venue

How to Choose the Right Booths for Your Venue

When patrons eat out at any restaurant, they expect comfortable booth seating and not have to endure any discomfort throughout their dining experience. Deciding on which restaurant booth is best for your venue can be difficult at first. This is simply because more planning is required in this aspect than in others at your restaurant. Aside from finding the right restaurant booth dimensions, there are not that many varying options available other than color and style in terms of what you need to have for dinnerware or appliances in the kitchen which are standard. This article will guide you through choosing quality restaurant booths you need for your upscale dining establishment.

Creating a Social Media Marketing Plan for Your Restaurant

Creating a Social Media Marketing Plan for Your Restaurant

In recent years, it has become apparent to the food and hospitality industry that employing a restaurant marketing plan is an integral component to the success of the business. As such, many restaurants worldwide are using social media to gain a strong online presence, which in turn establishes loyalty among existing customers and potentially attracting new customers. Utilizing social media sites can lead to an array of marketing tools used to create a new paradigm in customer relations. This is especially the case where services at dining establishments present a unique opportunity to connect and interact with diners.

A Guide to Creating Your Dream Restaurant

A Guide to Creating Your Dream Restaurant

Nearly half of adults have worked in the food industry at some point in their lives. Nearly 50% of restaurant/café employees have expressed their hopes in owning their restaurant one day. For many, that dream is realized; however, no one wishes to run a failing restaurant. Experts who have been through the ringer and understand the challenges that await for restaurant owners-to-be offer tips as well as their personal experiences in hopes to inspire you to envision and realize your dream restaurant.

Table Tops & Bases Guide

Table Tops & Bases Guide

Most would-be restaurateurs conceptualize a design for their venue prior to jump-starting their business. Interior designs can be customized to match the ambiance you want to give, even after you have publicly announced the grand opening of your establishment. Restaurant furniture, especially table tops offers the flexibility you need to adjust the sizes, shapes, and finishes to meet your specifications. A table size chart can help you select the commercial tables that you feel will enhance the aesthetics of your venue.