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Restaurant Promotion Ideas

More people are switching to eating out rather than cooking at home as life is becoming more fast paced. The food industry gains a lot from this trend as a result. The restaurant business is very competitive and only competent restaurateurs stay afloat. Restaurant promotions open a window to many business opportunities. They enable you to reach out to old customers and connect with new customers, allowing you to experience your appreciation for their business and loyalty. The effectiveness of promotion ideas depend on the type of restaurant you operate. Maintaining strong customer relations does not end with an illustrative menu or an attractive interior design. For example, a well conceptualized wine tasting or a theme dinner can turn into a successful event which can result a boost in sales at your restaurant. The key is to upsell to the customer which can increase revenue.

Creating a Loyalty Program

A loyalty program is one of the best restaurant promotions one can think of. This structured marketing strategy is designed to encourage customers to continue dining at your restaurant. Using a simple point system is one of the most common loyalty program methodologies. Accrued points from a certain amount of visitations can translate into a reward. A customer will tirelessly work towards a certain amount of points to redeem his/her reward whether it is a freebie, discount or special customer treatment. Faltering in this method, however, can confuse relationships between points and compatible rewards. Therefore conversions should be kept simple and intuitive in a points-based loyalty program.

Most companies are challenged with attainable and desirable rewards when trying to create a loyalty program. A tiered system is one way to combat this challenge which encourages more purchases by rewarding loyalty. You can present small rewards then increase the value of the reward in in return can encourage customers to frequent your venue more often with a tiered system. Tiered programs a recommended for high price-point busy commercial establishments, especially in the hospitality industry.

Hosting Food Related Events

The mere mention of free food is one of the most fun restaurant promotion ideas that is sure to grab people’s attention. Use this to promote your business in the best possible way ever. You can hold such an event where you give out free samples to by passers. Design an eye-catching banner with a slogan for your event. Doing as such will make an unforgettable impression among people which may convert them to (loyal) customers. It can also be delightful to foster a sense of community or camaraderie along with your event. You can offer discounts or special deals as well.

Offering Happy Hours

Happy hour is a classic restaurant promotion that many owners use. If you are not familiar with it, happy hour occurs when specials on food and drinks are offered at certain hours (normally between 5pm and 7pm). Happy Hour aims to draw in the after-work crowd. As a restaurateur, you can use Happy Hour to upsell to customers who typically drop by for a discounted beer by providing them with a menu that includes night specials. Along with Happy Hour, you can host other special events by incorporating unique restaurant promotion ideas. Super bowl restaurant promotions are one way to boost your business. To create a more romantic atmosphere for couples on a date night, you can explore Valentine's Day promotion ideas for restaurants. The sky is the limit.

Distributing a Press Release

There are numerous ideas on how to promote a restaurant. Sending out a press release is one of them. Announcing the grand opening of your restaurant or the addition to your talented kitchen staff to the public is a great way to generate a positive press for your venue. Targeting local media publications, newswire services, niche specific magazines, papers, television channels and radio stations can have an avalanche effect on your business. The more attention your restaurant gets from the media, the more potential customers you are likely to attract.

Maximizing Public Relations

Public relations have been defined as unpaid advertisement. A successful media public relations and media program can increase exposure and prestige for your restaurant without costing a fortune. In order for this to work, you need to create and publicize stories that are newsworthy. Hiring a new chef or manager is not always enough to garner attention to your dining establishment. You need to produce other angles that are unique and original to make your venue shine.

You should also review your most recent restaurant marketing and advertisement expenses to determine the percentage of your promotion budget that was spent on traditional advertising versus public relations. It may be worth your while to spend 15 to 30 percent of your budget in restaurant promotions with a solid public relations program. If you need to, find a reputable PR firm that has excitement and creativity about your business to create interest in the media. Keep in mind that not all marketing tactics work for every restaurant. Ultimately, it is about how the publicity comes across. If done correctly, public relations support your venue in exclusivity, prestige, and in the market.

Showcasing Your Restaurant’s Ambiance

modern restaurant design

The ambiance is just as important as the food you serve at your restaurant. Play up the decor a bit with high quality commercial tables, fashionably designed restaurant chairs, dining booths, or even patio furniture. Think of innovative ways to offer the perfect dining atmosphere for a business lunch, anniversary, social affair and more. Split your restaurant into various sections featuring different themes so that people can be exposed to a range of ambiances that appeal to them. This unique aspect of your restaurant should be highlighted every time you are granted the opportunity to promote your business.

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