Designed for Restaurants

Restaurant Furniture, Restaurant Chairs, Custom Booths and Table Tops

Designed for Restaurants

Restaurant Furniture, Restaurant Chairs, Custom Booths and Table Tops

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Custom designed, high quality and affordable restaurant furniture

Are you looking for top-quality commercial furniture to update the look of your venue? At Restaurant-Furniture.Com, we are one of the largest suppliers helping managers and owners buy restaurant furniture online across the country. When you shop with us you have the peace of mind knowing you are getting premium quality, durable furniture that will endure for many years. Our restaurant furniture specialists will give you expert advice and the best products to choose and you can always rely on our excellent customer service.

We make it possible to match or replace your entire restaurant furniture with updated pieces with our wholesale prices. If you are struggling with matching your existing furniture, please call our helpful team on (877) 442-0008 or contact us via email and we will be sure to source great furniture for you.


The benefits of shopping online are having a much bigger selection and many more options to choose from. On our website you can see our products in more finishes and different upholstery options than you would normally find in a brick and mortar store. There are also many options to customize your order. When you shop online through wholesalers like us, we provide detailed information about the item's specifications and use. This allows you to have all bases covered and makes it possible to picture the furniture in your space quickly and effectively.

Using our extensive online catalog, you can access a broader range of in-stock products at your fingertips. We’ve invested significantly in developing our wholesale restaurant furniture store to ensure that finding the right piece is stress-free. Enjoy the flexibility of our categorized sorting, comprehensive selections of product photos, and ‘virtual images, plus the ability to customize on the fly. [+] read more...


We know that our customers demand the best quality. To ensure that we can provide reliable restaurant furniture, we’ve brought much of our manufacturing process home to the United States. With our American made wood restaurant furniture production in full-swing, we can manufacture a significant portion of our items right here in the USA with American materials and craftsmanship.

Some of our products still require some manufacturing outside the States, and this is undertaken at our production facilities abroad. All of our contract furniture is rigorously checked and tested for quality control to meet the highest commercial standards.


Creating the design for a new restaurant, cafe, or bar can be difficult as it requires the right mix of style, comfort, a practical mindset, and the willingness to think outside the box. Taking risks can be hard, especially when the success of your venue is at stake. Below you will find a featured selection of the popular restaurant fit-outs and venue project ideas that our products have been included in.


We are proud to have the opportunity to continue being one of the leading and preferred suppliers of restaurant furniture in the US. We look forward to continuing to work closely with the restaurant industry to supply reliable and affordable commercial furniture.

Our entire American made wood restaurant chairs and bar stools are tested to ensure that they meet or exceed the applicable requirements of ANSI/BIFMA X5.1-2011. We note that these standards are considered voluntary and that not all manufacturers adhere to these higher standards:

  • Backrest strength test
  • Drop test
  • Seating impact test
  • Stability test
  • Back durability test
  • Leg strength test


We don’t try to be the best at everything. Instead, we stick to what we know - and for us, that is servicing the food service and hospitality industries. Our vast selection of restaurant chairs, bar stools, table tops, table bases, booths, and outdoor patio furniture is perfect for big and small food venues, wedding and banquet halls, and more.


At Restaurant-Furniture.Com, we supply restaurants with contract furniture that not only meets and exceeds the product-quality expectations but also exceeds the customer service expectations of our valued customers. Our knowledgeable team offers advice and insight, which often helps our customers to consider their venue and needs, therefore developing trust in our service.


With a network of logistics operators, warehouses, courier services, and freight providers across the country and internationally, we are pleased to provide a quick-shipping service and absolute care during the transportation of your furniture.


While we could just write here some of the messages we get from our satisfied customers we’d rather let you see how good our items look in the actual venues. Most of our items have images of locations where they are being used and you can click our live locations button to see even more. [-] hide

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