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Free Restaurant Booths Calculator

Restaurant booths are increasingly becoming popular among various dining establishments. Not only do they have a sturdy built and provide comfortable seating - they can seat multiple diners. There is a myriad of restaurant booths for sale in different styles, shapes, materials and finishes at every commercial grade furniture distributor but finding the right diner booth to fit with your restaurant layout plan can understandingly be difficult and even harrowing. Before you purchase a restaurant booth, you need to know how many booths you actually need but most importantly, if you even have enough room to fit one in your dining area; all of which heavily depends on your layout.

Fortunately, you can calculate the number of booths you need for your restaurant layout with the restaurant booth calculator. Additionally, this tool will show you a schematic illustration of the result.

Please note that this device is designed to calculate the measurements of a regular booth only. If you are inquiring information regarding shapes and sizes for custom booths, please contact a customer service representative at (877) 442-0008 for further assistance.

How to use a restaurant booth calculator:

  • Select your desired restaurant layout: Wall or 90 degree (for regular booths only).
  • Enter the size of the space you want to fill in inches and feet.
  • Click on submit once you've entered the data for results.
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