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Chiavari Chairs

The Chiavari chair was created in Italy in the 19th century as an elegant chair for formal events. The chair’s lightweight design and stackable option helped to increase their popularity. Our Chiavari chairs are the perfect choice to grace your venue, whether it’s a hotel, banquet hall, ballroom or an upscale restaurant. A high level of detail and work goes into the construction of these elegant commercial chairs which are made to be lightweight and strong making them a wise choice for your venue. These chairs are the epitome of classic style and sophistication, which is what makes them a popular choice for any venue that requires mass seating or restaurants. [+] read more...

Why Are Chiavari Chairs Popular?

The chairs have a timeless appeal that has made it a staple in ballrooms and banquets over the years. These chivari ballroom chairs are very popular for formal and informal events including weddings, conventions, banquets and other events that require large numbers of seating. They have also become a favorite of restaurants that want stylish, affordable seating and a chair that is easy to store when not in use.

We have a selection of chiavari chairs for sale in different frame colors and upholstery options. Made to be comfortable and durable some have a padded seat made of high density foam and is available in vinyl and fabric upholstery while the rest have a comfortable wood or metal seat. The chairs also have strong frames made of metal available in gold, copper, white, black and silver vein finishes. The chairs meet high commercial standards and are strong enough to withstand repeated use while being light enough to be moved and stacked easily. These chairs are also easy to clean and maintain, which makes them perfect for banquets and large events.

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