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Update Your Restaurant's Patio with Our Commercial Patio Furniture

commercial patio furniture

Welcome to the home of restaurant patio furniture and outdoor settings on the internet. Here you’ll find our comprehensive catalog of the best commercial outdoor furniture built to last, with the highest level of quality standards, attention to detail and care, with the added benefits of quick shipping and warranty coverage.

We’ve been in the restaurant furniture and seating supply game for many years now. While our furniture and competitive pricing speak for itself (only the best, built to last), the advantage you’ll love from dealing with us is stress relief. No - we aren’t talking free stress balls in your delivery. Our team aims to be the all-rounder you’d love on your staff. They’ve got all the technical knowledge fit for the hospitality industry. Here you’ll find our complete catalog of the best commercial patio furniture, including outdoor furniture and seating that looks excellent in your space and features practical elements that will help your customers feel truly at home!

Why Bar and Restaurant Furniture Styles Matter

With styles forever changing in hospitality, it can be daunting to decide on furniture when it affects your investment. It doesn’t have to be so hard or though, especially when you have us on your side! Whether you’re looking for a style that screams out ‘instagrammable moment’ or want creative flair to compliment the perfect dishes coming out of the kitchen - staying updated with the latest trends is critical for your success.

How to Choose the Best Commercial Outdoor Patio Furniture

Going from boring to a stylish or chic space is not the easiest thing to do. There are a few essential considerations that you need to make when choosing the best commercial outdoor furniture for your restaurant or patio space. Let’s face it, you could have the best food in town, but if your space sucks, your customers will leave with a sour taste courtesy of your cramped and outdated patio chairs and design choices. You made that investment getting your business up and going, but don’t drop the ball by fitting out your space with the wrong style choices. Fortunately for you, across our website, you will find that our furniture and seating products are described and linked with related products for that design style, as well as similar styles - therefore making it easy for you to choose the best commercial outdoor furniture that your customers are going to love!

Picking the Best Outdoor Restaurant Seating

The best outdoor restaurant seating doesn’t just comfort your customers, but also functionality and purpose to outdoor settings. Seating doesn’t have to be boring, and this is your chance to inject life into your space with the perfect balance of relaxation and design. Here are three quick tips for picking the best:

  • Think about the effort involved with caring for the seating when it’s not suited for the use. That’s why you want all-weather materials that won’t absorb damp or fade in direct sunlight.
  • Don’t underestimate doubling down on functionality, think seating that has the added benefit of being used both indoors and outdoors or ones that can be easily stacked when not in use.
  • You get what you pay for, and quality is key. Don’t ruin your investment by short-changing with cheaper but non-commercial grade alternatives.

What are the Top Commercial Outdoor Furniture Styles?

Your restaurant needs furniture that looks good in your room or outdoor area and is practical for your brand. There’s a reason you won’t come across patio tables, benches and fair-style seating at traditionally sit-down restaurants. So, what are the top commercial furniture styles for modern restaurants, bars, and cafes:


The modern style, when it comes to interior furnishings, is traditionally very open and flowing. It features clean straight lines and is often desired for the functional aspect. Modern styled commercial outdoor furniture is typically a mix of materials and forms, such as glass or plastics, aluminum, stainless steel, and chrome features.


The classic furniture styles depict more sophisticated themes and often could be considered as a more luxurious approach to modern design. Classic outdoor furniture typically denotes a blend of materials with a mixture of colors. Just ensure that if you take the classic approach, remember to think practically about your selections.


Industrial outdoor patio furniture is the new ‘it’ factor, with many business owners looking to fit-out their space with the rustic atmosphere that pays homage to artisan and a home-style feel that is perfect for complementing food. When designing your restaurant or patio in an industrial setting, think of wide-open lofts converted into living spaces - never be afraid to pull back a layer and expose the bold aesthetics.

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