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Resin Table Tops

Popular with many restaurants, our resin table tops come in many finishes, shapes and sizes. If you are looking for a table that looks like real wood or marble and even metal but is scratch and burn resistant, this table is for you. Resin tables last longer and have a high degree of simulation and texture that reflect natural materials. As the resin is impervious to ultraviolet light and corrosion-resistant, resin is far more durable than wood. [+] read more...

The best thing about resin tables is they come in a diverse range of colors and designs. You can have an appealing glossy finish or a natural, rich appearance of maple, teak, cherry, or oak wood. On the flip side, you can also get that palpable feel of granite or marble or the contemporary look and vibrant color of polypropylene.

Unlike wood, resin tables are easy to maintain. Resin doesn't demand expensive varnishes or specific cleaning supplies. A piece of cloth and a small amount of soapy water will do the trick. You can also use any regular glass cleaning liquid to keep the table clean or buff off the surface with furniture polish and a soft rag to make the table look new. Since resin is not a porous material like wood, this also makes it more hygienic and easier to sterilize. Resin is also lighter than solid wood, making it easier to move.

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