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Here you will find many free tools to help you make the best decisions while furnishing your venue. Whether you are trying to determine which chairs and tables would be best for your restaurant or if you are having trouble designing the perfect booth you will find all of the resources you need here.

Our helpful resources include sample seating layouts, guidelines for seating capacity and sample seating charts. You will also find helpful information such as our Guide to Restaurant Wood Chairs, our Table Tops and Bases Guide and information on what makes a good restaurant seat chair.

Layout and Design

  • Seating Layout for Restaurants - Here you will find important information in designing a seating chart the will maximize your seating capacity. A proper seating layout can help increase efficiency and create a pleasant atmosphere for your employees and your customers.

Table Tops & Bases

Restaurant Chairs

  • Guide to Wood Restaurant Chairs - Learn about what goes into making a good wood chair and why you should buy from us.
  • Wood Seats - Find out the difference between a plywood and solid wood seat, and why you should care.
  • BIFMA - BIFMA sets the leading industry standards for commercial furniture. All of our wood chairs are tested and approved to meet their strict industry standards.
  • Why Buy From Us? - Peruse our gallery of photos from our production facilities and find out why we make superior products.
  • Dining Booths Space Calculator? - Calculate the number of booths you need for your restaurant with the booth calculator and get a schematic illustration of the result.
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