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Nai Thai - Goldsboro, NC

Nai Thai - Goldsboro, NC


"You don’t expect to find authentic Thai food in a town like this," exclaimed Greg Hudson, host of America’s Best Restaurants, who recently did a feature about the place.

Goldsboro, NC is a small town of 30,000 people, known for its many parks. It is also home to Nai Thai. A mix of modern design and Asian style, this venue stands out with its colorful allure.

Owner Larry Balio’s wife and three sisters grew up in Thailand, where their mother taught them the secrets to traditional Thai cuisine early on. Bringing their wealth of knowledge to this small-town eatery, they ensure that the menu offers only the best of their home cooking. “I love the authenticity, I love the decorations,” a customer offered on the show. Dubbed the most authentic Thai cuisine in North Carolina, regulars know they can get dishes here that are not normally offered in Americanized Thai restaurants.

Decor and Design

The décor is decidedly Asian Fusion, with the paper lamps and vibrantly colored walls and furniture, mixed with traditional elements on the floor and paneled walls next to the booths.


Balance and harmony are basic tenets of this design style, focusing on blending the natural wood accents with bright, colorful notes. The corrugated panels on the partitions blend with the green of the ivy, and the wood plank flooring adds a traditional touch.

Button Tufted Booths and Metal Ladder Back Chairs

Button tufted back booths are known for their classic, timeless appeal. These fixtures feature lush padded seats and backs that are punctuated with delicate button tufting. On the other hand, metal ladder back chairs offer a more utilitarian and industrial style. The contrasting elements of the two pieces create a captivating visual balance and dynamic atmosphere in the space. The sleek and refined booths anchor the dining area with luxurious charm, contributing to an elegant ambiance. At the same time, the metal ladder back chairs introduce a sense of rawness, giving the overall design an edge and a contemporary twist.

Button Tufted Back Booth

The booths shown above are similar to our Button Tufted Back Booths, made in the USA and customizable in shape, size, and length. These traditional booths fit well in a variety of design styles, from classic to contemporary. Notice how they blend well with their colorful surroundings, adding a classic style to the space.

Ladder Back Metal Chair

Metal Ladder Back Chair

The chairs shown above are similar to our ever-popular Metal Ladder Back Chair. A best-seller, these chairs offer a fully-welded metal frame and wood, vinyl, or fabric upholstery on the seat. Shown with non-marring glides, these chairs protect the floor from scuffing, essential in a venue such as this with its wood flooring.

Laminate Table Top

Laminate tabletops can be tailored to fit an Asian fusion restaurant theme through the selection of appropriate patterns, colors, and textures that reflect the fusion of Asian aesthetics with contemporary design elements. Asian fusion restaurants often aim to blend the traditional and modern aspects of various Asian cultures with Western influences.

Laminate Table Top

The tables of choice for this restaurant are similar to our Custom Laminate Table Tops with Self Edge. These sturdy pieces offer the look of wood without the hassle of maintenance. Constructed with a 45 lb. industrial-grade particle board with horizontal grade laminate, these tables offer an easy to clean, stain resistant finish. Shown here in wood-look laminate, these tops are also available in Stone/Marble look, solid color, and custom options. Available in a range of sizes, they are a match for a variety of venues.

3-Channel Back Booth

The 3 channel back booth design, characterized by three distinct sections formed by vertical divisions, offers a visually appealing aesthetic. The clean lines and structured form complement the balance and symmetry commonly found in Asian decor. It aligns with the principles of minimalism and order, contributing to the Zen-like atmosphere often associated with this design style.

3-Channel Back Booth

Notice how the green and yellow vinyl colors on our 3-Channel Back Booths, mesh with the wood floor and greenery, perfectly capturing a classic Asian aesthetic. These booths can be customized in size, shape, and length, and are offered in mix-and-match vinyl and fabric colors for the seat and back as shown above. It is also possible to have different upholstery on the center and side channels. Crafted in the USA from locally sourced materials, these booths are versatile enough to fit in any design theme.

Find out more about the restaurant at Nai Thai Restaurant Website.

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