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Opening an Outstanding Wine Bar

Wine bar setting

With wine sales on the rise, opening a wine bar is irrefutably a gourmet entrepreneur’s dream come true – definitely something to raise your glass to. As long as history knows, wine has been the most favored beverage among nobles and peasants alike. The popularity of wine continues to grow as sales have witnessed a jump of 5 % from June 2016 to June 2017 with a whopping 3.4 billion increase. Wine makers have created a vast selection of wines for every taste, budget and occasion. Because wine bars are one of the most popular establishments in the food industry, it is considered to be a business endeavor that is resistant to the economic recession. Learning how to open a wine bar is a stepping stone to success in this business venture.

Impressions of a Wine Bar

For many connoisseurs, there is more to a sale of a bottle of wine than the legs on the glass or the tannins that settle at the tip of your tongue. Drinkers relish the 360-degree experience. This experience includes providing a picturesque view for customers to enjoy over a glass of wine, making them feel like they are on vacation with free pours offered. For others, wine bars are thought to recreate the atmosphere of a vineyard with a feeling of relaxation and luxury they expect to experience when they sit down for a glass or two. Others view it as a cocktail bar with a unique menu. If you are considering starting a wine bar of your own, accessing trends and statistics can help you understand the challenges of the industry and turn your operations into a successful business venture.

Getting Started with Wine Bar Ideas

There are a myriad of ideas to market your wine bar. Location and demographics can have much of an impact on probability. Having a taste, knowledge and passion towards the product you are selling is paramount to the success of your business. Now it’s only a matter of attracting the clientele. If you choose to promote your wine bar to college kids, selling wine at beer prices is the best business strategy. Serving high quality wine will attract customers who are used to paying more than 10 dollars a bottle. However, the key to successful management is to avoid clashes of interest by hosting wine tasting happy hours that are meant to serve professional clientele moments before college students arrive.

Nailing the Promotions Basics

With rampant competition and shifting trends in the food/drink industry to contend with, the trick to gaining and keeping loyal customers is to promote your wine bar. Sometimes, hiring a marketing professional may not be in your budget but there are basic promotion strategies that can be effective. In regards to the décor and ambience of your wine bar, you should make sure that both the exterior and interior design of your establishment synch together. Customers can make an assessment of your venue seconds prior to entering the door. Therefore it is important that your image sells the product and sets expectations. One of the most important basic features these days, however, is offering free Wi-Fi.

Happy Hour is a classic restaurant promotion that is commonly used in the industry. You can upsell to customers who stop by for a discounted wine by offering them a menu listing nightly specials. Live entertainment is another way to draw in business with concerts, open-mike nights, stand-up comedies, etc. If you have a bar in, hosting trivia night is one way to bring in a mid-week crowd. Customers can team up and win gift certificates, t-shirts or glasses.

Partnering with local Wine Shops and Vineyards

Partnering with local wine shops and vineyards opens the door to cross-promotional opportunities. You should extend yourself to these business owners and use private labels for exclusive wines sold at discounted prices. Wine shops can offer you hand-selected bottles from around the world whereas vineyards can add some local charm and advertising slots to your rack.

Hosting Tasting and Training Events

Taste is often trumped by experience in wine selection. Taking that fact into consideration, you can give your guests a taste of your business and allow them to choose their favorites. When deciding upon the selection of wines to stack your shelves with, you can host a seasonal tasting party for VIP customers where they can sample on those you are considering to sell for the upcoming season.

As your business grows, you may be looking to recruit. Rather than hiring a bartender to pour wine, experts in wines could help sell your products better. You can invite them to join you when visiting local vineyards. Education is a fundamental part of wine tasting. The server you hire should be able to tell customers where the wine came from, how it was made and the type of grapes used in the blend.

Making a Statement with Your Wine Bar Design

Bar and restaurant decor

They say not to judge a book by its cover but some people do that. A wine bar design influences customer experience. Making your design as unique as possible is one way to make your venue stand out. But the beverage perfectly expresses the philosophy of the wine bar design. It is supposed to create a cozy, emotional, light atmosphere that brings customers and staff together. The design for a wine bar is different from that of a wine shop or a hotel. There is only one reason why people are prompt to enter a wine bar: they might be drawn in by your showcase full of bottles and are curious to taste the flavors they offer. Sophistication is a critical aspect of a wine bar design as the customers appear to be experts in this field. As such, the services of professional interior designers may be required and contemporary furnishings, especially bar stools and/or booth seating are essential for a wine bar. The fundamental steps to a wine bar design are:

Proficiency in a variety of colors, shapes, and material ensures the ideal solution both for narrow and wide spaces. Far reaching expertise in all aspects of a wine bar design will provide your place the basis for a unique philosophy and even character.

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