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Best Layout and Design Tips for Your Bar

An interior design that is well conceptualized and executed can do as much for a café, restaurant, and even a bar as much as good food and service can. Professionals will tell you that creating a design is anything but simple. There are a countless number of elements to juggle. You need to think of what you want your bar to look like and how to make the interior decorative as possible without interfering with the staff’s workflow. Then there are safety regulations to factor in – making sure that the bar design layout meets the standards set in place. But one thing is certain: the more thought you put into designing the perfect interior for your bar, you will most likely gain a whole new appreciation for the look of your space.

Different Types of Bars

A bar is a venue where people like to go to grab some drinks and socialize. There are different types of bars, however. While a lot of them are self-explanatory, each bar has a different aura them. The décor varies as do the clientele. Even the drinks may be different. As is the furniture, seating layout, equipment, and service. For example, a coffee bar will feature shelving units holding up mugs and display coffee machines. A coffee bar is popular for dinner parties, open house events, or any other social gatherings. A sports bar especially caters to (avid) sports fans that typically contain television sets. The décor often features sports memorabilia.

A wine bar, or a bodega, is a tavern-like venue with the sole focus of serving and selling wine. Wine presented in glasses is a typical feature at this bar. Some of the wines are profiled by a type of origin at some of these wine bars. A lounge is perfect for dates. The music tends to be soft allowing patrons to engage in conversations without having to shout. The lighting is usually dim with plenty of space and comfortable seating.

Cigar bars, similar to lounges, are dimly lit and furnished with comfortable seating. In addition to drinks, these bars have an extensive selection of cigars. You will find a list of drinks that pair with each cigar on the menu. There are outdoor bars where patio bar stools are used as seating. Outdoor bars serve cold drinks, cocktails and comfort food. Some include perks like Ping-Pong tables and contemporary art installations.

Choosing a Design

Modern bar design

Bars are an opportunity to make a lasting impression among guests. There is more to them than just a venue to sip on beer. Bars are a focal point of social interaction as well. Because bars are an important aspect of any event, integrating commercial bar designs into the décor can help intensify the ambiance. Whether you choose a modern, rustic, sophisticated or an industrial bar decor, the style and setup can have an impact on your guests dining experience which is why commercial bar designs should reflect the tone you want to set for your customers.

Finding the Right Tables

The rules for determining restaurant seating capacity with tables apply the same for bars, taverns or pubs. Most bar owners visualize an interior design for their venue prior to jump starting their business. Interior designs can be customized to match the ambiance you want to give. Commercial grade furniture, especially table tops offers the flexibility you need to adjust the sizes, shapes, and finishes to meet your specifications. A detailed table size chart can help you select the tables that you feel will enhance the aesthetics of your venue.

Most table tops can be customized by material, finish, and size to your specifications. With a variety of options available, you are likely to find what you need be it metal, wood, laminate, or granite. Custom tables are one of several patio bar ideas recommended for outdoor venues. Apart from customization options that are included, patio tables are constructed of material that protects them from the harsh elements of the weather and therefore suited for outdoors.

Practicality of Bar Stools

Much like the rest of the restaurant furniture you see, bar stools come in a range of material, finishes, sizes, and designs – most of which can be customized as well! Finding a bar stool for each modern bar design project can be challenging. In addition to practicality and materials, there is spacing and the quantity of the bar stools to consider which can be costly. Sometimes, bar stools are chosen based on their shape and design statement. Choices can be about layering materials or discretion.

Which One is Right for your Venue?

Metal is an easy choice for bar stools primarily because the material is easy to clean. Plus metal bar stools are affordable in the scheme of things. Metal balances out wood which can give your décor a more contemporary and industrial look. Backless bar stools are ideal for a modern looking bar. They are stylish as well as practical. If you want to give your décor a more warm and rustic look, wood bar stools may be what you need. The styles can contribute to the comfort. They work perfectly in a modern, traditional, or country style bar.

Some people opt for swivel bar stools because of their maneuverability. They each feature a 360 degree swivel allowing patrons to swing effortlessly. They often include an upholstered seat (with an option for a saddle wood seat) which will not only keep them comfortable but is also easy to clean. Patio bar stools are a practical choice for outdoor seating. Like other commercial patio furniture, these bar stools are constructed of material that offers full protection from the harsh weather elements. High quality outdoor bar stools are built for maximum durability. The frame and seat are either made of faux rattan, aluminum, synthetic teak, steel, or bamboo. You will also find stools with arm rests.

Ultimately, you need to consider the type of character you want your bar stools to give to your establishment. There are a myriad of bar design ideas that you may find to be dizzying. A reputable commercial grade furniture manufacturer can help you with your bar design plans and layout by recommending commercial grade furniture that is best for your business needs.

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