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Chinese Restaurant Decor & Design Ideas You Need to Try

Chinese Restaurant Decor

China is enriched with history and culture that many of us find intriguing. Throughout all ages and even to this very day, Chinese décor is connected to its culture which is harmonized by its nature. China has one of the oldest cultures and civilizations in the world. The country dominates a large geographical region in eastern Asia. While traditions and customs vary between provinces, cities, and towns, many residential and commercial buildings are designed Chinese style which has caught the eye of restaurant designers in America. As more people are taking an interest in Chinese culture and traditions, the more mainstream Chinese restaurant décor and design is becoming a standard in the food industry.

How Chinese Food Joined the Melting Pot in America

Since the wave of immigration in the mid to late 1800’s, the food industry has witnessed an increase in the number of Chinese restaurants across America. Just over a decade ago, a lot of these eateries were confined to cities with large Chinese demographics. The popularity gradually began to increase and they can literally be found anywhere including in rural and remote areas and they have supplanted the Chinese laundryman in characterizing for the American food industry where China is. This phenomenon may be probable that these restaurants have augmented the vogue for Chinese restaurant design in many eateries throughout the USA.

Chinese restaurants have gained popularity for many reasons. They are cheap, clean and offer a combination of exotic food that many people savor. But above all, they are efficiently and honestly managed. In fact, Chinese restaurants in New York ranked one of the highest for their hygiene during a recent kitchen inspection carried out by the NYPD. The dining rooms are invariably spotless. The restaurant tables are immaculate and there is no soiled upholstery on the restaurant booths. Debris from previous customers is practically undetectable thus giving Chinese and other Asian fusion restaurants an air of superiority over cheap dining establishments with occidental styles.

Basic Principles of a Chinese Restaurant Interior Design

Chinese Restaurant Decor

Before and during WWII, prices in America began to catapult and the vogue of Chinese restaurant design concept and cuisine began to trend. One of the most basic principles in a Chinese restaurant design concept is simplicity. According to many interior designers and Chinese restaurant owners, the dining room and even the exterior to a certain extent should not be overcrowded with all sorts of common décor. All that is needed is a proper placement of valuable objects to create an optimal effect for the Chinese restaurant interior. The Asian restaurant design is described to be exotic and emit something spiritual with the seating layout, restaurant furniture, and color scheme. Chinese lanterns, scrolls, and inlaid tables paired with chairs are incorporated in a Chinese restaurant design and layout as these components paint an eye pleasing and exotic picture that is thought to stimulate appetite. Modern Chinese restaurant designs are constantly evolving because they strike a fine balance of traditional and contemporary designs.

Chinese restaurant interior design ideas are used as an art that syndicates contemporary, modern nature, simplicity, and power to create a serene and harmonious environment by using colorful upholstery and sometimes out-of-box items. Bright, vivid colors are used in a Chinese restaurant design with red, black, and gold dominating the color scheme. Gold or multi-colored dragons featured against a white, black, or red background are commonly used and seen in many Chinese restaurants. Hence, luxury, classic, peaceful, elegance and simplicity come to mind when one cruises through Chinese restaurant décor ideas – something to keep in mind if you are contemplating about opening your own Chinese or Asian themed restaurant.

Business and Psychological Effects of a Chinese Restaurant Décor

Chinese Restaurant Decor

There is a myriad of small Chinese restaurant interior design ideas and it’s only a matter of finding something that works for you. With that being said, there is nothing more therapeutic to a hungry patron than a fine dining experience. High standards in food service and culinary sophistication evoke memories for anyone in any restaurant. A Chinese restaurant is no exception. Many owners and/or managers of these (small) Chinese restaurants invest a lot of time and money to make their venues a perfect location for food and conversations. Not only do they manage to lure diners with a successful design concept, their restaurant interiors can also serve as an inspiration for other small Chinese restaurant dining spaces.

The right choice of a Chinese restaurant design and concept plays a big role in attracting guests, serving quality food, and providing good customer service. Competition in the food industry is very cut-throat. As a contender, it behooves you to do your utmost to make your design and brand stand out. Creativity in a dining space is a virtue, especially to customers coming into your restaurant with expectations of a pleasant atmosphere that allows them to relax, socialize, eat and even taste new palatable flavors – all of which an adequate restaurant architecture can guarantee. A unique Chinese restaurant interior can set you apart from ordinary restaurants in the market. Subsequently, your special brand will be engraved in your patrons’ minds for a long time which should ultimately be your goal.

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