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How to Choose Restaurant Booths

Diner booths and tables

When patrons eat out at any restaurant, they expect comfortable booth seating and not have to endure any discomfort throughout their dining experience. Deciding on which restaurant booth is best for your venue can be difficult at first. This is simply because more planning is required in this aspect than in others at your restaurant. Aside from finding the right restaurant booth dimensions, there are not that many varying options available other than color and style in terms of what you need to have for dinnerware or appliances in the kitchen which are standard. This article will guide you through choosing quality restaurant booths you need for your upscale dining establishment.

Booths as a Preferable Choice for Seating

Steak house restaurant booths, tables and chairs

As booths are increasingly becoming a preferable choice for restaurant seating among patrons, you may want to consider adding, extending, or changing the seating layout to furnish your restaurant with more booths. Adding to the comfort of your venue with the right modern booth seating is crucial for not only converting guests to loyal customers but making sure they remain that way. Moreover, restaurant booths offer more seating capacity than chairs and many customers enjoy the privacy and comfort that come with them. Their stationary nature ensures a smooth traffic flow which allows wait staff to easily deliver meals.

Although you may want to ensure customer satisfaction, there is a lot to take into consideration when deciding on the best booth for your restaurant or bar Not only having a budget is key, there are also many features that are included with pub booth seating. You may be overwhelmed with the choices available. A seating layout plan should be devised as well. This guide condenses everything for you – saving you the time and stress.

Types of Booths

Size is an important component that should be part of your restaurant booth plans. You need to know which size will fir the style and space of your facility. Let’s take a look at single and double booths. A single booth has one bench with a flat back that is either placed against a wall or situated at the end of an aisle. A double booth features two seats back to back as one unit. Learning the difference between these booths can save you a lot of money as double booths can be positioned along a wall for back to back seating.Positioning a single booth to face outward on a wall across from a few chairs at a table will give you a better view of the restaurant. Although single and double booths are a popular choice, there are deuce booths also known as a single person booth. These particular booths are perfect for venues with limited amount of space that fit a two person table.

Measurements of Booths

Booths and table diagram

When searching for booths, a specific length, height, seat depth, and table size should be factored in. That way your booth will fit your establishment perfectly. The standard booth dimensions, excluding the deuce booth, are 24", 36", 48” long which comfortably seats up to 3 people. 20” is the recommended size per person for your booth. As far as seating, booths typically have more room than a chair with a seat depth of 16" to 17". Options for an 18" or 19" seat depth are available. Standard height is normally measured from the group to the top of the back ranging 42" to 43” high. Shorter booths measure 36” whereas taller booths come 48” high. Depending on your preference for an open or a more private setting, restaurant booth dimensions can contribute a lot to the décor and ambiance that your customers will experience so it’s crucial that the measurements are precise.

Design/Style Options for Booths

There is a myriad of style options to select from, especially if you want to custom design your booth. Whether you are going for a modern looking or a vintage restaurant booth, you may find which style adds a special touch for your restaurant booth. Mix matching styles is never a good idea. Ultimately, you want the booth to match with your interior design.

Booths invariably come in 5 standard styles: single, double, wall bench, half circle, and three quarter circle. As previously mentioned, single booths provide the flexibility to be positioned against a wall or in an aisle. Double booths are installed between two tables and offer more seating. Both types of restaurant booths work well with square or rectangular shaped tables.

Half circle and three quarter circle booths fit in corners and maximize space thus creating a seating solution for venues that host large social events. As such, half and three quarter circle tables are recommended for these specific booths. They have a corner cut-off to allow servers more access to the tables. On the other hand, round tables consume a lot of space making it difficult for the wait staff to serve patrons. A wall bench can be paired with a couple of chairs to offer a combination of two seating types. Wall benches tend to meet ADA requirements as patrons that are wheelchair bound can easily use the chair side so long as the tables are installed at the right height.

Choosing the Right Material

Custom dining booths

Now that you have a clearer picture of your ideal booth, the next stage is to decide between the types of trim and add-ons as well as cushioning and the material used for covering them. Cushions either come with a solid foam piece option or a spring foam option. Many owners choose the spring foam option as it allows customers to easily slide in and out of the booths. As far as the type of material to use, leather is the best choice for booths as it is easy to clean. Fabric is also ideal but there is a concern of stains and stenches getting trapped in the fibers. If you are insistent in using fabric, try an upholstered back board along with a leather seat. Trimmings are in reference to the materials used for back boards. They can be wood, fabric, or leather. The trimmings should match the décor of your restaurant. You can use additional features for your booth such as a crumb strip, channel design, and a head roll.

Quick Delivery Option and Finding a Reliable Manufacturer

If you are pressed for time and need to have your booths delivered to you in between 7 to 14 days, quick-ship booths are an affordable solution for your restaurant seating needs. These booths are well constructed and offer the advantages of seating more guests without interfering with your schedule. These booths are shipped out about 7 to 14 business days after ordering which can prevent a lot of stress and save time. A quick ship option may be what you need if you are trying to meet a deadline or lacking enough booths to seat your guests.

Unless money is not an objection to you, picking restaurant booths piece by piece is very expensive and time-consuming. You should opt to find a commercial grade furniture supplier you can trust, especially they offer discounts on bulk orders. Do a price comparison between the manufacturers you find online. Be in contact with each one of them to negotiate when you include orders for their other items. If the distributor senses your sincerity in conducting business with them, they may be more inclined to make better offers on the items you want to purchase.

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