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Creative and Unique Restaurant Themes and Ideas

Modern bar design and furniture

The food industry is very cut-throat. Staying buoyant amidst heavy competition can be very difficult. But every successful restaurant has a hook that reels guests in and converts them to long-time customers. For some patrons, it’s exotic food. Others are drawn by the unique variety of cocktails that some of these dining establishments serve. Excellent service and ambiance are also contributing factors to the success in the restaurant business. Unique restaurant design ideas and themes are what makes you truly stand out from your competitors.

Examples of Unique Restaurant Designs

Modern restaurant design

A themed restaurant is of that with a concept that takes priority over other matters, thus heavily influencing the food, music, design and ambience. Food usually takes a backseat when the restaurant theme takes center stage. Consequently, these restaurants attract customers solely on the theme itself. However, that doesn’t mean that the quality of food and service goes unnoticed. Nor should they be neglected. But the restaurant design and layout can make a bold statement to patrons and below are a few examples to name:

  • The Calico Cat Café speaks for itself. Located in Tokyo, the menu presented to customers has nothing to do with food. It features a selection of cats. While these felines are not meant to be a delicacy, they provide companionship to the patrons. To create a warm and comfortable environment for them, booths naturally make the best choice for restaurant seating. The operational staff provides complimentary cat food which is meant to be used to attract your desired cat. Owning a cat isn’t the social norm among Tokyo residents so this café gives them the opportunity to enjoy the company of these kitties.

  • Tombs Restaurant in Ahmedabad India is famous for its seating layout where tombs are situated in between tables while customers dine on bread rolls and milk based tea. While the restaurant has been operational for 40 years, whether there are people buried beneath these grave or not still remains a mystery. In any case, this venue is not recommended for the faint-hearted.

  • If you ever wondered what it would feel like to dine in Mars, this New York Time’s Square location can give you a good idea. Upon arrival at Mars Restaurant, visitors are greeted by friendly “Martians” who will provide them with a typical menu with various choices of seafood. The décor is supposed to provide customers with a unique experience that resembles of dining in Mars.

  • The Long and Winding Restaurant located in Nuremberg, Germany features a design that can only be described as futuristic. The commercial chairs and bar stools add to the feel. This restaurant does not employ wait staff. Instead, guests place their orders via a touch-screen tablet at every table. When the dish is ready to be served, it is placed on a twisting track in which is transported from the kitchen to the customer. This technique is known as the roller coaster service.

Unusual yet Clever Menus

A restaurant menu tends to be very standard it is more than just a list of dishes to order from. The creativity contributes to the high-end dining experience that restaurant owners want patrons to have. The menu design is an important piece of marketing material that leaves a first impression among customers even before they place their orders! Some restaurants are taking the digital route with iPads and while others use vending machines which supposedly enables speedy services.

Affordable Business Ideas

In search for a unique restaurant design, especially if you have or are considering opening your own establishment, you can create or adapt design concepts that are typically budget-friendly as well. There are affordable alternatives that won’t force you to compromise on quality or service. For example, mobile food trucks and pop-up restaurants are concepts that are trending. Catering is also another avenue for success that many restaurant owners are seriously considering. Choosing a small space for your venue will not only help keep costs down but will allow you to build a solid reputation for your business.

Easy Advertisement Solutions

In the digital age, especially with the convenience and aptitude of social media, restaurants promotions and advertisement have never been easier. Many restaurant owners are using various social media platforms to market their business with the goal of attracting customers. Likewise, viewers opt to check a restaurant’s Facebook page for updates on specials rather than calling to make reservations. The advantage of using social media to promote your restaurant is that it’s free and overall user-friendly. The success of a social media campaign is measured by posting updates regularly on your page to keep your customers interested and informed.

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