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Popular Cafe Chairs

Popular Cafe Chairs

Coffee houses are a good way to start in the restaurant industry. They offer a good training grounds for new restaurateurs before delving into a full service high-end restaurant while still offering customers a taste of great food and a good cuppa. Now all you need is a comfortable chair for your customers to sit down and enjoy your menu.

Metal Coffee Cup Restaurant Chair

The metal coffee cup restaurant chair is the best-selling and most popular chair for coffee shops. The classic coffee mug design makes it a favorite among cafes, and coffee shops nationwide. The chair features a variety of customization options, so it can match any décor and its frame and wood seat come in a variety of finishes. Likewise, the high density foam padded seat which comes in vinyl and fabric is available in a wide array of options. A custom finish can also be made for the chair’s frame and wood seat.

The chair is not designed for outdoor use, but it can be seen on many cafe patios during sunny days, especially with the solid wood seat. Although it has a rustproof metal frame, the chair is not fully weatherproof, so it should be stored indoors to prevent damage from long exposure to water or sun.

This very versatile and reasonably priced chair, sells at under $50 with some customization costing extra. Built for heavy commercial use with a strong frame made of 16-gauge steel, the Coffee Cup chair also has a matching coffee cup metal bar stool for a complete look.

Metal Coffee Cup Restaurant Chairs
  • Comes with the choice of a solid wood or a padded seat
  • Available in a matching bar stool for coffee bar tables
  • Can be customized to match any decor. The strong metal frame comes in several frame finishes.
  • The seat comes in vinyl or fabric with a wide selection of options or in a number of wood finishes for the wood seat.
  • Classic design ideal for coffee houses.
  • Affordable price
  • While this chair can be used outdoors, it’s not weatherproof so it should be stored indoors
  • This is not a stackable chair
  • Not ideal for high-end venues

Wood Back Coffee Cup Chair

Similar to the metal coffee cup chair this one has a wooden back that can be customized with various finishes. The chair’s wooden back can be used to either help blend it into the décor or make it stand out using a contrasting wood finish. The metal frame is also available in a variety of finishes as is the wood or padded seat.

Due to its versatile nature and coffee cup back, this wood and metal coffee back chair can be seen on many cafe patios and terraces. A matching bar stool is also available for counter-tops and bar height tables for a cohesive look. This metal chair with wood back can be found indoors and outdoors at many sidewalk cafes. However, it is not weatherproof, so to avoid damage from the elements, they should be stored indoors. These are also very affordable chairs, starting at under $60.

Metal and Wood Coffee Cup Restaurant Chairs
  • Available in padded vinyl or fabric seat.
  • Available in a matching bar stool
  • The chair’s seat, back and frame can be customized to match most decors
  • Popular design for coffee houses, quick service restaurants and eateries
  • Affordable price
  • While this chair can be used outdoors it is not weatherproof, so it should be stored indoors
  • This is not a stackable chair

Wood Cafe Restaurant Chair

This cafe wood restaurant chair is a very versatile and popular one that can be found in many types of venues such as cafes, coffee shops, bistros and casual restaurants. The chair has an upscale look that can match a variety of designs and venue types. The wood frame and back also help in giving the room a more upscale look allowing your guests to dine in comfort and luxury. With a cherry wood frame finish and seat that can be wood or vinyl padded, the chair has a few customization options allowing you to choose the best fit for your decor.

This commercial grade wood chair starts at under $85, and is still an affordable chair, placing it in the mid-range price for wood restaurant chairs. It also comes in a matching cafe wood bar stool for a cohesive look.

Wood Coffee Cup Restaurant Chairs
  • Solid wood construction
  • Commercial grade build
  • Popular for trendy cafes and restaurants
  • Available in matching bar stool
  • For indoor use only
  • Wood finish available only in cherry
  • Vinyl seat available in 3 colors
  • This is not a stackable chair
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