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As one of the leading retailers of commercial furniture, we place high importance on meeting the furnishing needs of our customers in the food service and hospitality industry. Commercial furniture that is resistant to the rigors in high traffic environments is paramount. We offer the very best of our custom designed, affordable and high quality restaurant furniture. Premium construction of American grade materials ensure long lasting durability. We now provide a 3D model which allows you to visualize the selected item you want to design!

If you run a busy establishment, you may not always have the time (and patience) to devise a seating layout plan. Looking for the right restaurant seating can be challenging and time consuming. Especially of you don't know where and what to look for. Fortunately, aims to evolve beyond the big box. With a track record of excellence in customer service and manufacturing high quality custom commercial grade furniture, has become the leading title in the restaurant furniture market. Implementing the 3D modeling tool on their items brings furniture delivery closer to the customer.

Restaurant furniture is one of the biggest investments restaurants make. We want our customers to be confident and satisfied with their purchases. The 3D tool is designed for the purpose of helping our customers meet their furnishing needs. Our goal is to deliver customer satisfaction which can not only be achieved through producing high quality furniture but also through enlisting the help of advanced technology.

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Use our 3D tool to select the upholstery you want for your booth seating, stain for your wood table top, height for your base, or metal frame finish for your chair and bar stool. Choose any style, material and color that matches best with your decor and we will take it from there! [-] hide


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