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Synthetic Teak Patio Furniture

Our variety of outdoor restaurant furniture makes it easy for you to find pieces that best fit with your patio style. This is one of the many reasons why we are a one-stop-shop for commercial grade patio furniture. If there is something you need, we most certainly have what you are looking for. From synthetic teak patio tables to chairs and bar stools, your options are endless. [+] read more...

Why Synthetic Teak

Faux teak is a relatively new material we commonly use to design our patio chairs, bar stools and table tops because it is more durable, weather-resistant and less maintenance. It is economical, lasts longer and looks better. If you are looking to portray your top end outdoor establishment, our selection of synthetic teak patio furniture is an option you should consider.

Difference between Wood Teak and Faux Teak

What is faux/synthetic teak anyways? Synthetic teak is a non-porous composite material that resembles natural teak though it is lighter and more durable than natural teak. Synthetic teak is resistant to cracks, splinters, UV rays and liquid. It is also immune to insects and rotting. Reasons for using synthetic teak in outdoor restaurant furniture are (among others):

  • Affordability
  • Weather resistance
  • Lasting durability
  • Low maintenance

Natural teak , on the other hand, comes from a tropical hardwood tree, mostly found in Southeast Asia. It is the most popular choice of wood for outdoor commercial furniture. This material is in high demand with very limited availability. The price for this fine-grained hardwood is high but it does possess many characteristics that make it suitable for outdoor use. It is incredibly strong, doesn’t crack, warp or become brittle. This is because teak repels most water and therefore doesn’t expand or contract when drying off. It has very high natural oil content which slows the rotting process, protects against damages and insects and therefore enables teak to last longer than most wood types.


Faux teak is seen as an environmentally-friendly alternative to harvesting natural teak and reduction of the environmental impact forestry companies have on nature. Eco-friendliness and sustainability are a priority among most business owners and we do our best to meet them. The faux-teak is also partially created by using recycled materials.

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