Steel and Aluminum Patio Furniture

We use these materials to build our patio furniture to be lightweight, rust-resistant, tough and durable to withstand wear and tear. Finishes adhere very well to aluminum and steel which is important to consider when outdoor furniture is exposed to moisture and harsh weather elements. Aluminum is our most popular outdoor material choice for building our patio chairs, bar stools and tables. It is a contemporary state-of-the-art material that combines aesthetics, with grace and ease. [+] read more...

Durability and Versatility

Both aluminum and steel patio furniture constructions demonstrate exceptional versatility. It utilizes tubular stainless steel or hollow aluminum. The variety of shapes and designs that can be created from aluminum to build stylish outdoor restaurant furniture is unlimited. Ranging from simple to streamlined extrusions, aluminum patio frames are a standard go-to choice for outdoor commercial furniture. They are often utilized as frameworks to support our metal table tops and resin wicker seats and back rests seen on our patio chairs and bar stools. Our aluminum and stainless steel patio furniture can also suffice as standalone decorative outdoor furniture pieces as well.

Sterling Characteristics that Make them Shine

Portability and ease of use are other characters that prove the incredible versatility of our aluminum restaurant furniture. Prized for its polished looks and lightweight characteristics, these furniture pieces are our most lightweight items. Each item can easily be maintained, managed, rearranged and stored. Corrosion resistant and treated with additional powder coating to preserve their condition our patio furniture can easily be washed and cleaned to retain its shine.

Strong Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel is slightly heavier and stronger than aluminum. Steel framed patio furniture is very durable. They also adjust to weather changes and require very little maintenance. Stainless steel doesn’t require weather-resistant finishes although the color coating some items get only help to increase its looks. Just alike aluminum, stainless steel is resistant to corrosion. Steel can also be designed in a wide variety of shapes and can be textured and punched to form intricate patterns that lend an artistic quality to each item. Rust-proof capabilities make our stainless steel furniture a perfect option for coastal environments.

If you want to add originality to your patio decor, our stainless steel commercial furniture will help you achieve a higher look of elegance to your venue. Stainless steel brings a sophisticated note to contemporary outdoor settings, which is why our patio furniture collection is highly coveted by restaurants, hotels, bars, outdoor cafes, and patios.

When you need strong and lasting commercial quality furniture for any application and setting, our aluminum and stainless steel furniture are great options to consider. Our sales professionals are available for assistance with your outdoor furnishing needs and purchases so don’t hesitate to contact us.

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