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DCity Smokehouse Remodels its Restaurant Layout

Barbecue joint in Washington DC updates its smokehouse design with new commercial seating provided by

If you appreciate a good barbecue, then you will be impressed by what DCity Smokehouse has to offer. Barbecue is ranked among the most difficult cuisine to master in the District and this congested corner is nominated the best barbecue joint in the city. Many urban operations in the food industry employ smokers that solely rely on backup heat sources such as gas or electricity to minimize the vagaries of wood burning pits in order to maintain consistent cooking temperatures. Other joints use a conservative approach that entails restocking the smoker that holds previously smoked meats for hours on end with the beef losing moisture and texture each passing moment – resulting dry and flavorless meat. DCity’s pit master and co-owner, Robert Sonderman makes sure to stand out from the rest of the joints by employing a made-to-order approach in barbecuing by running his smokers 24/7 – an endless procession timed to cater to his customers’ expectations.

Tolix style restaurant chairs and tables

Sonderman aims to have every slice of brisket, pork, rib, chicken drum sticks or whatever his customers desire on their plates within an hour after smoldering in the smoker. He diverts from the orthodox method which normally uses sauces and is able to achieve tenderness with his various sugar/spice rubs. This pit master understands more than anyone else the importance of freshness; beef that has been slowly smoked for hours will begin to lose moisture the moment it is sliced against the grain. When visitors stop by at DCity’s Smokehouse, the first thing they notice is the lip-smacking succulence of the brisket that gave this joint its claim to fame to begin with. You are literally given a protein grand tour with the spare ribs platter - commonly ordered on the menu by diners who salivate over the acrid, caramelized aromas of hickory and cherry wood. Aside for Sonderman’s smoked meats, chicken served with red velvet waffles is another specialty at DCity’s that is worth trying out.

Because Sonderman’s superior barbecuing skills are legendary, he felt the smokehouse design at his location needed a bit tinkering. He contacted sales experts at for recommendations of commercial seating for his restaurant layout. He decided on the black bistro metal chairs as their design fits perfectly in with contemporary decors such as that of DCity’s. Stylish and weatherproof, these metal chairs can be used in both indoor and outdoor patio settings alike. Above all, their lightweight and stacking capabilities are what make them popular in the food industry.

Tolix style restaurant chairs and tables

A restaurant layout for a busy dining establishment like DCity does require durable tables that stand the test of time.’s Butcher Block table tops joint together with round table bases meet the highest commercial standards in the business with their premium construction of American top quality materials. The natural feel and look of wood compliments most restaurant decors giving them an impression of prestige and sophistication. Likewise, cast iron is known for its resistance against heavy usage and harsh weather conditions. A sturdy wood table top and a glossy yet heavy-duty base brings the best of both worlds and creates a restaurant table that brings style and long lasting resilience to high traffic commercial environments. is a leading commercial grade furniture distributor servicing to the food and hospitality industry nationwide. Learn more about our products online or speak with a sales professional at (877) 442-0008.

Come by to DCity’s Smokehouse located at 203 Florida Ave, NW Washington, DC 20001. They can be reached at (202) 733-1919 or

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