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If you are in the search for outstanding chairs for your restaurant with an upholstered back, look no further. Our stylish range of chairs is of the highest standard, comfort and quality and they are sure to add a visual appeal, a luxurious touch and superior design to your restaurant's dining room. Our upholstered restaurant chairs will provide the ultimate in elegance and comfort for your customers, while remaining durable and stylish for many years. [+] read more...

We understand that restaurant furniture needs to be well made and intelligently designed in order to cope with the constant stresses of a busy environment with a high turnover and heavy foot flow. The materials used in our chairs are made of the best commercial grade materials and are durable to the highest degree, therefore certain to become a lasting asset to your restaurant. Upholstered seats and backs also need to be visually pleasing and be able to match your existing decor and restaurant aesthetic, while being comfortable. We offer many ranges and styles of upholstered chairs, so you are sure to find the perfect match to suit your unique restaurant space. [-] hide
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